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Originally Posted by GTCSMustang
I should have guessed you were there. Bob Perkins got me a wrist band so I was there on Friday and early Saturday before the crowds. But I'll remember you for the fall meet. It sure was nice walking around there today with the crowds thinned out. Did you hear anything about someone stealing a carb from Ulrey?
If you guys come out next year let me know in advance. I can get the wrist bands from a friend of mine at work who belongs to the Mid Ohio Ford Club. Plus, I'm usually always working security there during the event. Also, if you come out for the UFO swap meet in November (usually around thanksgiving weekend) let me know. I also work that one. I'll almost bet you walked right by me. Worked the main entrance at the Celeste building (had on a green vest with "SECURITY" on the back). There were 3 of us there along with a State Trooper. Also wore my Royal Maroon GT/CS shirt. Didn't buy any parts this year pretty much have everything I needed at this point. Did do a lot of walking though just looking at stuff.

If I'm not mistaken that incident happened over in the Multi-Purpose building. One of the State Troopers I was with had to respond to it. Don't know what the outcome was though. It's amazing in all the years I've worked this event this is the first time we've actually had a problem of this type. Hope to hear from you guys next year.

That's the one. Looked like shit underneath. Hood was even taped down with duct tape. Car must have been sitting in a field for sometime. Most of the undercarriage was rotted. I sure as hell wouldn't pay what they wanted for it.


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