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Re:aftermarket rear suspension

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As a general rule, the extra weight of the fiberglas, and taillights, you might consider getting '68 convertible rear leafs. The big list of OEM leafs for Mustangs didn't include the GT/CS. Ask Branda what the '68 GT-350 uses (both FB and Conv.).

I'd also use the poly bushings, and tighen them up while the car is still up on stands. It will give you some height, although they will "seat" after a while.

Gas shocks are OK. If you want to spend the $$, get Konis.

I'll go over the suspension mods in my new book.


I agree with Paul 100% ;D! I would research and compare what a GT/Shelby suspension had, and especially what a convertible had, and then go from there. I also agree if you're gonna try to keep your CS or HCS "vintage," then use "era-correct" mods that would aid your performance, i.e., Shelby goodies will really fit this definition (factory, dealer, or even over-the-counter) ;).

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