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Mark Hartman's HCS Info

So how did I get into these rare and wonderful cars? Well, I aquired my car in Denver in 1982 and I can still recall thinking "What the hell is that?" when I first saw it. Of course I didn't know at the time that such a Mustang existed. I traded the dealer my '79 Mustang Pace Car straight across for the 68. It had a rebuilt engine and was in semi-restored condition. I believe they were asking $4750 for it and the Pace Car was slipping out of third gear at the time, so I grabbed the deal.

Then I got curious about the "High Country Special" designation and went to the University of Wyoming library to search through back issues of the Rocky Mountain News from 1966 through 1968. I spent a lot of hours watching the microfilm whiz by on the viewer screen. It gives you a headache after a while. But I found some great articles and advertisements from Denver dealers as a result.

Once I found out just how few were built, I retired mine to fair weather usage only. It has a 289. Non-factory items include: 4-spd toploader, 4 barrel carb, dual exhaust and overhead/floor consoles. Unfortunately, some previous owner sprayed undercoating in the trunk and under the hood which will be a bitch to get off if I ever truly restore the car.

It was August of 1995 when I first posted most of this info on the little piece of the Internet known as the World Wide Web. I had just learned some html and found nothing about the cars online, so I scanned the articles, ads and photos and I had gathered since 1983 and posted it on my home page. I've really enjoyed being able to share this information with other enthusiasts and Jon has graciously agreed to let me have a web page on his site to further the cause of educating curious Mustang lovers all over the world.

                Mark Hartman

1968 High Country Special

1968 High Country Special article

1968 High Country Special dealer advertisment

1968 High Country Special Flyer from Continental Divide Raceway, the night before the HCS went on sale to the public.

  • July 1968 Introduction article from Denver newspaper. Try the slightly easier to read .jpg version if you like. .
  • Continental Divide Raceway promotional flyer, given out at the track during the public unveiling.
  • Courtesy Ford ad for the new model
  • My Car, shot from the rear, the sexiest part of any Special!
  • Full page ad the Denver Ford dealers took out to announce the new model
  • Installing seatbelts during summer of '95.
  • My ex-wife owned this green HCS. Photo 1   --  Photo 2
  • Red HCS at '85 show
  • Yellow HCS at '85 show
  • Red HCS, formerly owned/restored by Bob Teets of Denver
  • Clyde Downer of Pueblo CO emailed this photo of his car.


    1967 High Country Special

    1967 Mileposts Cover shot of HCS coming down the assembly line.

    There was a big publicity and sales promotion event that occured in July of 1967. An entire trainload of Mustangs were shipped to Denver at that time and some or possibly all of the High Country Specials built that year were on board.

    Another train load of Mustangs also were shipped that month. This time the train was filmed for use in a television commercial and had hundreds of Mustangs on board along with one Brinks armored truck, supposedly filled with a million dollars. These stories appeared in the railroad magazine put out by Western Pacific. It was called "Mileposts". Here is page one of that story and here is page two.

  • Original window sticker from '67 HCS, from a big block car no less! (78k)
  • Full page ad announcing the '67 models, July 3, 1967.
  • Photo of '67 HCS on assembly line, from the cover of "Mileposts" magazine, July-August, 1967. (47k)
  • The September-October 1967 cover of "Mileposts", showing the train and Brinks truck. (57k)
  • 1966 High Country Special

    Metal Fender Badge used on 1966 and 1967 High Country Specials

  • Full page ad announcing the '66 models. July 27, 1966
  • A different Full page ad from July 22, 1966
  • O'meara Ford ad featuring the new for '66 model
  • Jay Palmrose's 1966 HCS . Jay actually bought this car brand new!
  • Here is Jay's original window sticker from his 1966 HCS.
  • 1967 Ski Country Special

    Ski Country Special Badge

    The Denver dealers also created a promotional package called the Ski Country Special available during the winter of that year and the following colors were made available: Aspen Red, Vail Blue, Winter Park Turquoise, Loveland Green and Breckenridge Yellow. This promotion was not limited to the Mustang and was available on the Galaxie and Fairlane models as well.

    The qualifying Ski Country equipment included: ski rack, "coffee bar" (luggage rack), limited slip axle, special emblem, and two snow tires. The ads appeared in the Dec. 8th 1966 Rocky Mountain News. The ad appears again on the 9th, the 10th and the 15th of Dec. also. Anyone know any more about these cars?

    Full page Ski Country Special advertisement! (96k)


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