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Tina Lee

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Question Input to my 1968 Calif Special GT/CS. Please advise!!

Good evening, I am new to this so please bare with me. Ok so I have a 1968 GT/CS California Special Mustang. All original parts, everything is there (including original hood locks). The vehicle has around 50,000 original miles. It has been sitting in my grandfathers backyard under a patio cover. It needs some TLC but no dents or dings. Anyone and everyone that sees this car drools and tries to make a offer to buy it. It needs to be restored paint, some interior work but everything is there and all original. Can anyone tell me what they think a decent offer is if we were to sell this car? My gpa wants to sell it if the price is right but he is not sure what price is right. I have done a lot of research on it and have had someone offer $9,000 and $11,000 for it. Just want to make sure he is getting what it is worth because he can really care less if he sells it. So your input would be a valuable help. Thank you!!
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Spaceman Spiff

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We need pictures, lots of pictures, door data plate information, and a location.

Pictures of topside, engine, interior, and trouble spots underneath. Pictures that show the GT/CS specific parts. Pictures should be clear and close as possible.

Welcome to the site.

Scott Behncke
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West Coast Classic Cougar A good source for Mustang mechanical parts too.
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Send a message via AIM to J.Bart
first you need to get a marti report, and i would also get the personalized production stats.
it verifies the car and you never know what rare options that the car might have.

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Cool, we love garage (carport) finds!

In case you don't know what a Marti reports is here are some examples.

Unless it has some rare options, or is a big block car, your estimate sounds about right for a car that needs to be restored. But that price can change depending on how much rust repair is required.

As Scott mentioned we'll need data plate information and photos to give you a useful critique of the car.
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You'll find lots of help & info from our site members (maybe even a buyer if your grandad really wants to sell it). As previously stated, we'd need more specific info. You can get the VIN from the tag mounted inside the windshield on the passenger side, and build info from the metal tag on the driver's door. Photos would be a big plus.
Where are you located? If one of our members is nearby, he/she could look at the car "up close and personal" and give you an opinion on the car & condition. Good luck.

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robert campbell
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Welcome!!! I am in the Seattle area if you are close by. Market is coming back, but a bit soft from where it was 5 years ago. As all have said, some good pictures, the VIN number, and if the data plate on the diver door, near the latch mechanism is still there, that info to. Just open the door and look at the backside of the and look around the door handle and down the side that latches to the car. Held on by two rivets.

Rust can be a killer, but it is amazing the amount of "less than observant" buyers will miss even obvious rust issues. That is where I always have trouble helping people. I will not miss this stuff and it subtracts from "my" value of the car. But who is to say that someone else will totally miss it. So sometimes I give two values. What it is worth to a knowledgeable buyer, but a high limit based on the wow factor.

The seller needs to decide how much he or she wants to sell and whether they want to reveal any problems it may have. I choose to be honest and conservative when I sell. So when I sell they are very good deals and all flaws are revealed. But everyone is different and has different needs for their dollars.

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Tina Lee

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Thank you for all the helpful information. I will be looking for all the details today and will try to get some pics posted asap. Everyone has been a great help so far and I greatly appreciate it. I feel like a kid looking for buried treasure. LOL! Looking and researching details on this vehicle is exciting. And this site is perfect for that help that I need. I had no clue where to start. So check back later and see what I got hidden under the lost buried carport.... LOL!!

P.S. Thank you for the warm welcome to your forum!
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After you locate the history on the car the problem might come up why sell it. You will enjoy the car. Welcome to the sight.

302 V4 HCS
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robert campbell
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HCS is all over it! A GT/CS with family history!!! Sounds like a keeper to me!!!

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