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Originally Posted by Mosesatm
Stacey? Stacey?! You're that Stacey????!!!!!

The Stacey with the red original GT/CS that was stored in Arizona for ever. Lived next to Steve Sellent until he recently got married and moved.

I'm Steve's brother in-law. The person who looked at your car a couple years ago. You're right, Sabin is pretty much a dead zone, except when Daisy and Daphne start whooping it up!
Well, well, well, I'll be tooten dog gone!!!! Howdy Howdy Howdy!!!! Yep that's me and thanks again for the info you gave me too. I wouldn't have found this site either if it haven't been for you! So how's it going for ya??? Yep Daisy and Daphne are still whooping it up. Once in awhile, I'd end up bringing one of them over back to Cody. Those dogs are so comical!

Actually my red original GT/CS had been in storage in ND in various places for at least 20 years before I finally got it to Sabin. So glad to see my baby again. I missed that car so much. It never was in Arizona. I got my Marti report the other day and found that the dealer that my dad got it from had ordered that car for another customer. Apparently that customer had returned it and got something else. My dad traded his "last" Cadillac for it. He finally got tired of those type of cars and wanted something different, my brother Drew spotted it and pointed it out. My Dad bought it at a heart beat. When he first brought it home. I didn't dare get attached to it. At the time, I didn't think I was ever going to get it. Later years, my brother had seen how I got so fond of it and was very gracious in letting me have it. I still so grateful that he did.
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