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Thanks Neil. I have couple of sources, but they somewhat high end shops. My budget is about $10k so hopefully I could get the stripping, body work, painting done and stay within the budget. It's just hard to find a good shop that takes good care of your car and do an excellent job. The shop that did the rust repairs on my car had the fender/bumpers out, but did a lousy job of putting them back on. Before it was perfectly lined up, but now the fender, the front grille are all out of alignment and missing several bolts. They did an excellent job with the welding so I didn't complain. I have seen some really bad welding jobs. It's hard to find a shop that's good at both, I guess.

Anyways, If others have any recommendation for a good shop in the Seattle/Tacoma area please let me know. thank you.

By the way, I found a new re manufactured 302 long block from S&J engines for about $1400. It comes with a 7 yr /100k mile warranty so I figured I might as well swap out the motor when I am ready to put them back in.
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