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Originally Posted by x-codegtcs View Post
Terry - do you remember the approx cost when you did your exhaust?

I want to say like $300-350 when I did it a few years ago. I'd have to look at the NPD catalog to price everything out. I did new hangers and everything too, so it may have been a little more.

In terms of the distributor, I was using the factory Autolite unit with a Pertronix I and reproduction stock type wires. I went through 2 Pertronix units before finally switching to the MSD 8352 "Ready To Run" distributor, MSD Blaster 3 coil and Moroso black 8.5 mm Ultra 40 wires. It's a great addition. Doesn't look stock, but it runs a whole lot better. I went with the black MSD cap instead of the red, so it doesn't stand out as much visually.


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