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You can't really use a VIN decoder to figure out the VIN because you'll never know the sequence number is was built in. You could find the Data Tag code if you knew everything.
But ...

Here is the link to Red one in the online registry that is in Michigan.

This is quicknick's car guys. Nick are you out there? (I'll PM him)
He hasn't posted his Marti so can't confirm the spes on the car

Just had to search by Red, Michigan and Automatic

This one has the chrome GT wheels.

There is a gallery of pics on page 5 of the old Gallery with a short description

Pictures are here

See if that's it!

This also states it has a vinyl top. Did yours have a Parchment Vinyl Top?

THere is this one on eBAy ... you never know ...

Just have to keep looking. Don't assume it's still in Michigan.
With eBay and other sources today, cars move a lot.
My current GT/CS was in California as of 2002, then to North Carolina and then to NY as of 2006. So a lot can happen in 3 years.

That VIN if you could get would be a great find.


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