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I have a question or proposal I guess, I am also a Jeep Wrangler owner and belong to a couple of Jeep forums and one of the forums has an Off Topic section where you can go and simply shoot the breeze a bit on items that may be a little off topic. I have found this area to be a great place to actually get to know some of the members a little better and see some of their interests outside of the main topic, in this case Jeeps or here it would be the GT/CS HCS.

We all have other interests, I love to fly fish, and tinker with the Jeep and other cars that I own as well as do some woodworking. I would love to learn to weld and I'm thinking about buying a welder.

I do like keeping the subject on topic in the main forums as it keeps it cleaner and easier to keep up but thought I'd throw the idea of maybe adding another category for off topic items. Anyone else intersted?

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