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Best (stroker) Mods for the GT-390?

I know we've been down this "FE" path before, but I was wondering just what was the best set of mods for a 390 ??

I'd like to know what has been the most popular stroker setup; such as the 410 (with a 428 crank), or is there something else kind of exotic out there? What is there besides "410"? 4--? 5--?

And as I asked about the 302 setup into a 347-- could we do the GT390 into a stock looking stroker, too?

It's my hope that we could really knock the Mustang and muscle car crowd on their ears, by making a lot of "sleeper" looking GT/CSs, that no one is too sure just how much HP is under the if we, as a group have a reputation that preceeds us!!! Gone are the days of the CS being a "looks-only" Mustang!! They're now as fast as they look, if not faster!!

So far, my "paper" GT/CS project includes a vintage Shelby parts Sidewinder intake, Edelbrock heads, and some shorty FE Mustang headers....with the 428 size stock exhaust. A 410 inside would be nice, too.

Your thoughts?

thanks--Paul N.
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Some of the early '70's 390 truck blocks had thick enough castings that they could be bored out to 428 bore size. You would need to sonic test it to be sure. You could then stroke that to 448 Cu in. I think you can get a 390 stroker that is about 430 cu in without boring it though. I can imagine a 448 with Inglese fuel injection pushing 600 horse. I just had a picture of a vintage tri-power with Holley fuel injection on all 3 carb locations too. Put in a full roller set-up (rockers are already on rails), and make a few other mods and you'd have a potent street fighter. Bad news Paul, I don't think you'd want to drop that kind of coin and then try to make it look stock.


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Can a 390 handle a blower?
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I would make sure your engine builder was aware of what you wanted to do and used all forged parts for the rotating assembly, with low compression pistons, and then add a main bearing girdle. You might want to O-ring the block, for a little added protection, if you plan on running a lot of boost. Hypothetically speaking of course.


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robert campbell
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You need to check these guys out. 445 cubes with a 390!!! YAAAAA BAAABBBEE.

427 Sidewinder is a choice if you want to go higher RPM. The 428 Police Interceptor is the standard for great power at lower RPM. Talk with Scott Main as below. He is the guru of FE Fords.

I would have Scott build your motor in a second!! He is the god of Ford big blocks!!! He could build your 390 into a killer motor and you could use paint to keep it looking stock. The police interceptor could be painted Ford blue. Your big step is heads. Your 390 heads will need a bunch of porting, or you will need to step up to some aluminum pieces. Heads are the secret to power. You will also need to go to some type of headers. Scott sells roller rockers like Steve suggested. You should buck up for them and the beefier rocker stands.

You could get more power, and use your stock exhaust manifolds, but it will be hard to do. It is all about a package setup. Every piece must be there to achieve your goal.

Get Scott on the phone. He was featured in Mustangs and Fords and is the best there is. He has been helping me with my 428 Jet motor in my wagon!! I got a Christmas card from him this year!!

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Cool hipo 390 ...

Here might be a good opportunity ... check it out:

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