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That "Guru" thing..

I just want to remind everyone how appreciative I am about the response and respect that I get from all of you.

There's up and downs, but overall, I am always mindful of how my information has helped many. I am also mindful of the things that I DON"T know--and what I need to either look at more closely, or reconsider. This is a learning process still for me--so I really don't want to come off like some sort of "you know what".

The internet, and message boards have a knack for improper inflections, and misinterpretations.

I look at all the threads to get ideas for the book. Lots of things that people need to ask and know about.

This is a wonderful group of people, and I just want to keep my humility in check. That "guru" name came from a Shelby American "Green Hornet" article intro about me. When I first saw that, I had to roll my eyes...So, I use the term "tongue-in-cheek". As you might know, I have a slightly goofy side to me as well (but...ahem! most professional, too!)

I look forward to helping all of you any way that I can, and to learn from you as well. I had an opportunity to meet with one of you at a car show in Sacramento yesterday, and it was great to see another GT/CS in fantastic condition.

Again, my thanks, and let's continue with how great it's been.

Also--let's not forget how appreciative we are to Jon Hanna for doing and maintaining this site and message boards.

Paul N.

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Re:That "Guru" thing..

Guess I might as well throw out my thanks to everyone as well. To Paul, Jon, and for all the advice I've received from everyone and the offers to help out on parts etc.


And happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers out there.

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Re:That "Guru" thing..

My thanks as well to Jon who provides what I consider one of the best sites on the internet, Paul N. for giving us a baseline to work from on our cars, everyone who helped me in the dark days when mine was just a shell with a dream, and everyone whom I'm sure will help me in the future-for projects are never truly done.
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Re:That "Guru" thing..

Well said. I wish I had known about this sight and you great people many, many years ago. It would have saved me countless $$$$$ as well as bruised knuckles along the way. The humor alone is worth the price of admission. Fortunately, my car is back in "husk" condition (what am I saying) and I have you all to pester when needed during the jouney back to my idea of perfection. Thank you in advance Paul, Jon and of course my personal hero, "Bob Teets here".

Paul, perhaps you would prefer "Swammi"?
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Re:That "Guru" thing..

"Great Swammi" LOL!!

Hmmm....Let me get back to you on that...

It makes me think of Johnny Carson doing that skit with the headpiece....

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Re:That "Guru" thing..

[quote author=PNewitt link=board=1;threadid=1667;start=0#msg10391 date=1115787880]
"Great Swammi" LOL!!

Hmmm....Let me get back to you on that...

It makes me think of Johnny Carson doing that skit with the headpiece....


this reminds me of when we lived in LA back in the mid 70's (I was around 6 years old). My mother tells this story so well, We were driving down some freeway and she looks over to see me making funny faces at Johnny Carson in a Rolls Royce beside us, he was making funny faces back at me.

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