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GT/CS Book Update from Paul Newitt

Paul asked me to post this here. It is also posted on the SAAC site. Casey


For this GT/CS Book update, let me first express my appreciation for the patience of those who have made book reservations and everyone else that has been waiting for this book for so long. I am fortunate to have the interest and support of GT/CS owner, both 1968 and 2007-09. It is from the many years of support that I have worked so hard for so long to bring the story and appreciation of the marque to everyone. There have been many difficult hurdles to jump, including a death in my family a year ago, and the sale of my own GT/CS, to get to this point. But now I'm on the final lap and the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel....

I am in the final weeks of the books' completion. This project has been culminated through five interviews with those who where there in '68; research from over 200 Classic Mustang magazines, many copies of SHELBY AMERICAN magazine, the 1997 SAAC Registry; the gracious assistance and expertise of highly regarded SAAC members and experts; some fine folks at Ford Motor Company, Milpitas and A.O. Smith factory workers; MCA Concours experts as well as other writers of the Mustang genre' (if there was a Master's Degree offered for Mustang History, I think I'd qualify). I've been building the book from five file boxes and seven binders full of registrations and Marti Reports.

It was from the level of curiosity and need for much more information by owners and enthusiasts on this website in the past few years that mandated a completely new book. I couldn't just re-print the old books, since so much has happened since 1989, and there were some stories that needed to be revisited and resolved in greater detail. I am now able to draw a straight time line from Little Red to the GT/Sport Coupe to the day the GT/CS began production at the Milpitas plant. This required a LOT of hard, tedious
work. I was fortunate ot find out exactly how the fiberglass was
manufactured at A.O. Smith, and how many part sets were made and delivered to the Milpitas Plant. I don't want to say much more, because that would spoil the surprise of many hidden "wow factors" I've included for you....

Having said this, I'm still on track for the book's completion in about six weeks or less (then off to the printer). What is unpredictable is getting some final details from a few of my sources, and hoping that they are able ot follow through for me in a timely manner. I want this book to be right and as accurate as possible, to my own high standards, but that doesn't mean that it's an open-ended process. The page count and the layouts are finite, and it's the polishing of the material that is taking time now.

If you're planning a restoration, I made my visit to a local automotive paint store, and found some very interesting things. I finally nailed down the Cougar trim color that Fred Goodell picked for the GT/CS grille color.
It was a corporate Ford accent color. I found the right color for Litle Red (a real surprise!) and the Green Hornet, too. New paint technologies and available colors will greatly help restorers know what to use. The book will show this process. If you ever built an AMT model kit, this will make sense for your "real" Mustang. The flagship Concours-trophy-winning GT/CS in the registry will be the guide for your restoration in the book.

I once said that this is not only "my" book, but that it's "your" book. The process of questions and commentary over the past few years provided me with tons of information and questions that needed to be answered. I have so many owners to thank for their help and guidance about this one Mustang.
The overall effect is something that is so far removed from what is out there on other Mustangs. I can't think of any other Mustang receiving so much scrutiny and curiosity--ever!--and since I've been positioned as the expert, it became "my job" to assimilate all of this into one big, fat book!

When I have the book wrapped up (or close to it), I'll post it right here, and you'll know exactly what is happening. I've had some tell me that I shouldn't explain myself, nor tell the progress, or ask for so much involvement on the net, but I feel that I owe it to the owners to do so.
Being this democratic can provide fodder for criticism, but the process has created a product greater than the sum of it's parts. From as far back as 1985, I have received literally hundreds of wonderful letters from owners that truly love their GT/CS, as well as new owners of the late model cars that are so excited to know that there is a place to share their pride. I prefer to continue the registry on a more personal basis by regular mail, as opposed to strictly internet registration, because a more personal connection is important to me. I've been approached to provide my mailing (and email) list to other national clubs, and have refused, because your privacy and confidence is too important, and always has been since 1985.

I will be sending out a mailing to everyone when the book is complete, and it will include details about the "Mini GT/CS Convention" held at SAAC 35, August 27-29 at Sears Point (No.) California (see

Thank you again.
You are welcome to email me with your questions or comments anytime through my website:

Paul M. Newitt
GT/CS Registrar ( 1968, 2007-09, 2011)
P.O. Box 427
Danville, CA 94526

Send SASE for book information.

1968 GT/CS on cover and featured article, "Gold Rush", in Mustang Times, February 2006
1966 Convertible featured article, "Sweet '66' ", in Mustang Times, January 2008
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