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Aussie J code Project

Hi Guys,

had a moment there when i couldn't work out how to post... (i wasn't logged it! Ha!)

My car is not a CS but i am keen to get onto this forum as the J code is also a single year edition. And that beautiful year is 68! hope you guys don't mind...

My story...

I have a 68 j code Coupe project. its no GT or CS, just my first stang and iím in Love with it. Its Wimbledon White with Parchment front bench interior. its got a long way to go. further than i was expecting.

my plans are to restore the car to original engine, and mechanical specs so i can experience the true feeling of driving a classic muscle car.

my biggest hurdle... i donít have a matching numbers project to start with...

The other hurdle is... iím based in Australia. so original parts have to come from the US.

i managed to track down a date correct engine, which was original bore, but needs a tidy up. paid too much for it, and got slammed with import and custom fees, so i am not well and truly invested in getting this engine true to my car. it was complete to carby, but is missing quite a few original parts. i just donít know what they are!

there are a few differences between the engine i picked up and my car specs, so it will require a few additions.

can i start by asking a question...

the engine i got was never pulled down before, and had all original internal components. i was wondering why people were saying that my heads were not smog heads, when they were original... wasn't smog equipment standard in 68 in all 50 states? my engine is a early November build by the way.


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