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Remove and paint doors

I am going to remove the doors in order to paint the inside. Have never done this before and need a few pointers.

1: I assume best way is to unbolt the doors where the hinges bolts to the body of the car? Or can I get the pin out of the hinges? What is the easiest way?

2: the inside of the doors have a few spots of rust where the surface "texture" has been damaged. In other areas excessive paint has made the fine lines in the structure invisible. The paintshop suggested bead blasting, but it sounds like a bad idea to me as what is left of the texture will be gone forever. Suggestions?

3:is anyone sitting on photos or spec on the original divider line between interior and body paint?

4: Shall I expect alignment issues when I rebolt the doors?

Thank you!

1968 GT/CS Meadowlark Yellow C-Code
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