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My factory window sticker was for $4114.30. The GTCS option was only an extra $194.31. My mustang was sold at Wilson Ford Sales on Beach Blvd in Huntington Beach CA.

A really cool thing i learned was that my mustang was produced six days ahead of schedule, but was not sold until May 17, 1969. So it sat on the dealer lot for over a year before anyone bought it!

My mustang is very unique for this reason:

Of the
317,423 1968 Mustangs,
249,456 were Hardtops. Of them,
4,118 were California Specials and
2,705 of those had 289-2V Engines, of which
2,320 had Automatic transmissions. Of those,
163 were painted Highland Green. Of them,
76 had Black Standard Bucket Seats.
20 of them had an Air Conditioner, of which
1 had a Tilt-Away steering wheel.
My mustang is that mustang!!!

I am proud to say that that feature still works on my car and it surprises people all the time.

The car sold for $4114.30....yet today it has over $30,000 into it. hahaha

Does anyone else have their Marti Report with something unique like this to share?

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