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I have seen the California Title (although the car is now in Dallas). I don't really have any concern that the car is authentic (although I will confirm by checking the stamping). My real concern is just the stigma issue. I spoke to the DMV yesterday and, after inspection, they will provide a TX VIN tag. This VIN tag will not replace the one under the windshield - it will be attached to the door jam. So I will have a blank where the windshield tag goes...

I apoligize I wasn't more specific earlier but this is actually a 1970 Mach I - I'm still searching for a GT/CS but I may be able to work a pretty good deal on this one (if the VIN issue is resolved).

The car has been completely disassembled for painting so it is reasonable that the VIN tag got knocked off or lost...

Thanks again for everyone's thoughts...
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