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before you put the torque converter on the C4 pour about 4 to 5 quarts of auto fluid in it. Then slide it in the C4 on the flat or level. You think it is on, but stand it on its end and spin the torque converter slowly and it may/will drop down on the front pump dogs. You will know if it smashes your fingers on the inside of the bell house, or it does not allow you to put them around the torque converter in the first place.....

when you mate it to the flex plate (make sure you do not forget the flat plate behind the flex plate, the mates to the block) the torque converter studs should need to be "drawn" forward about 1/4 inch to tighten to the flex plate. If the studs on the converter do not have a gap and are "smashed" into the flex plate the torque converter is not fully engage or into the front pump of the auto.

Many a new rebuild has been started up with this and the front pump is not engaged and they burn up a new automatic....

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