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On the Branda fiberglass the end caps ones I bought were so far off I would have had to cut the studs and relocate. Or enlarge the mounting hole by a lot.

I was going to use them on a EXP500, but ended up buying OEM trunk lid and end caps, as the fit was so poor. The fit of the OEM was significantly better than the Branda repros (tilted off kilter by about 1/4" from body line). As an obviously hand made item for stud location (big gobs of putty/glass to hold them, not formed bases as with OEM) maybe just a one-off QA/QC issue.

The Branda "red version" tail panel was pretty close to original, but again found a OEM. Paired with a set of taillights ($250 for the lot, I thought that was a great price, even though the panel had a bit of damage but was an easy repair.) That part would have been very useable, but as I had OEM....
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