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Recommended CS Parts Dealers

Seeing the post on recommened side stripe vendors, I thought it might be nice to have a thread with recommended CS/HCS specific parts suppliers. ie. Side Stripes, Fiberglass parts, Hood Locks, Side Script, Tail Light parts, etc. Let's just post suppliers and keep idle chat out of it. Thanks.

Side Scoop Screen Kits: Willis Scharmer, hcsmustangs here on the site.
1968 HCS Decals: Willis Scharmer
1966 & 1967 HCS badges: Willis Scharmer
Lucas Fog Light Pedistal Kits: (in process as of 12/11/16) Willis Scharmer

Side Stripe Kits:, Recommended by Franklinair.

Decklid and Quarter Panel Extention Fiberglass: Tony Branda
I don't know the quality of these parts, but a source.

Hood Locks and mounts:
Scott Drake Twist Lock:
National Parts Depot: Mount:

Gas Cap: NPD

Note: Be sure to confirm this will fit a 1968. I ordered one once and they sent me a 1969 cap, it had the same part number for both 68' and 69'. They told me they fixed the problem.

Gas Cap emblem for above cap: NPD

As always, check with ClubPro here on the site, he owns R and R Classics and should be able to supply most parts listed above.

Please post your recommendations for suppliers you are happy with. Thanks.

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