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I agree with the above post by 6t8-390gt. Every single 1968 Mustang with factory installed GT option that I have observed (and have owned 2 of them) has been equipped with a 9" rear axle.
In the case of the J-code and S-code GT equipped cars, the standard axle ratio was 3.25. As I stated in the previous post on this subject, the first one I owned (1968 J-code GT coupe) had a 3.00 axle ratio, listed on the Marti report as "optional axle ratio". My current car (1968 J-code GT coupe) is equipped with the 3.25 ratio. Interestingly, if you look at J-code cars that were NOT GTs, the standard axle ratio I believe was 3.00. I am unsure about what the X-code GT would have been equipped with (I have seen X-code non-GTs with the 2.79 ratio). As well, I believe that the R-code 1968.5 cars came with a 3.50 ratio as standard. There is no doubt in my mind that when you ordered the GT equipment group, you got a 9" axle. Although not stated by Ford anywhere in their factory sales literature about the option specifically including a 9" axle, it does list "heavy duty suspension" as part of the option. In my book, the rear axle is part of the suspension. There was a stand-alone "heavy duty suspension" type option for non-GT cars in 1968, but I have never seen a car equipped with this option. It would be interesting to see what one of those cars had for an axle, 8" vs. 9".
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