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...The value is in the difference. To me; a consciencous seller is as vital as an aware buyer. Full disclosure and ability to answer all questions backed w/ documentation and complete history adds value ie; buyer confidence that there will be no suprises...

If Paul simply put this out there (and if I were in buying mode) I would offer him substantially less, citing today's market vs. yesterday's and all that "RedGTvert" so thoughtfully stated.

But I've come to observe Paul's character and devotion to this project (and the predictable results) to say in this case; that if I were a serious collector, and did not want to do a restoration myself, (understanding it would cost me that $70K+) >> that this would be a very strong candidate. The same would be true if a handful of others put their cars up for sale here (an important benefit we have on this site;-)

The current inflationary cycle means many people have le$$ to spend, but not necessarily that the car is worth any less.

Patience, creative marketing (with the awards;-) and time...........

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