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Originally Posted by 68gt390 View Post
I run a 50/50 mix of 93 unleaded and Cam 2 racing fuel from time to time and it does make a difference in the performance of my 428 CJ. I'd love to just run streight Cam 2 but, at $5.00 or more a gallon it would get pretty tuff.

Good ol'e avgas was great too, but it's at $4.83 ;-)

I just get concerned sometimes knowing the new fuel is not the same as old, and not wanting to damage the engine. There's a steep hill nearby where I will play w/ timing and carb adjustments, test drive and have everything running perfect for the moment using Chevron Premium w/ lead additive every 4th tank or so. But then, I'll grab some Union 76 Premium along the way and the car will ping & hesitate etc... until I go back to Chevron. I notice it alot more on the 351C ('70 Mach) for some reason...

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