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I think that if the 1968 GT/CS would have been offered as a fastback, they would've called it a Shelby GT350 or 500. There are many cars that deserve being worth more but aren't for one reason or another. Why isn't the rarest Boss Mustang (Boss 351) worth 10 times the price of a Boss 302? Why isn't the Sunbeam Tiger worth at least half the price of an AC Cobra? Why isn't a Mercury Cyclone Spoiler worth as much as a Talledega and why aren't they worth as much as Superbirds'/Daytonas'? Body style plays a part but it's the public's perception of the car that determines what it's "worth". Not meaning to sound negative (although I just came in from pulling a radiator and hoses out of my girlfriends ******** Escort) but it is what it is. If the CS gets featured in a "Vanishing Point" or "Gone" type movie they'll be beating down our doors but until then we're just the red-headed stepchildren.


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