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Since obtaining my CS I've had all kinds of reactions. I actually had one gentleman at a local show ask me how I got the idea to customize my mustang that way. When I told him it came off the factory line that way, he boldly stated, I know mustang like the back of my hand and they've never made a mustang like that. I just smiled, handed him a copy of Paul's registry and a copy of my Marti Report. Once he was done reading, he just shook his head handed the material back to me and walked away.

There are a few even hear in the Central U.S. who do know what these cars are. I had a young man at one show as we were parking the car actually state to several other folks with him " that is one rare M_ _ _ _ _ F_ _ _ _ _!"

Others have even stated I've heard of them and seen pictures in a book but, this is the first GT/CS I've ever seen in real life.

It's kinda ironic in the fact that every time I go to JEG's to pick-up parts, someone always ask - aren't you afraid to drive your car on the street for fear someone might hit it or you might wreck it. I simply tell them if I felt that way about the car I wouldn't have it in the first place. That's the fun part of the whole deal is being able to drive it and let others see it. As long as I own it she will be on the street every chance I get.


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