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Mostly I think it has to do with the fact that not everyone is as educated as some of us hard core car guys and girls. I mean educated car wise.
My mom would fit into this category, she sees cars as just being red or blue or silver.

I have been a Cougar guy for over 12 years. I have a 1969 XR7 with a ram air 428 engine. It is a four speed with the W code 4.30:1 ratio rear end or drag pack option making it a Super Cobra Jet. Mustang and Fords mentioned a few years ago that since they never saw one they probably didn't exist. Mustang guys have looked at my car at Fab Fords Forever and said that only the Mustang got the SCJ engines.
Why did I put an oil cooler on my car and call it a Super CJ?

Eliminators, XR7-G, and GT-E owners all feel the same stigma as Ca Specials too.

There are lots of special edition car models that most people on the streets have never heard about. Just a few off the top of my head to illustrate my point. Grand Nationals and the bad boy GN-X from Buick, Cyclone and Typhoon from GMC, Maverick Stallion in 1976, Gran Sport option on Rivieras in the 60's (could have been ordered with factory dual quads). What about the ASC Maclaren Mustangs and Capris in the 1980's? Anyone remember those?
Saleen is kind of well known now, but what about in 10 -15 years?

Had a friend that had a Shelby Dakota convertible truck. He finally just caved in and just agreed with anyone that asked if he 'customized' it himself.

Heck, on my 1969 Cougar most people guess that it is either a Mustang or Buick.

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