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Lightbulb Undercarriage Detail And Restoration Ideas

Hello everyone,
I'm detailing the undercarriage on one of my HCS cars. I saw a few photos posted with various stages of detail. After looking at my semi-clean undercarriage, the paint seems to be almost gray with the slight notice of the red oxide in spots. I guess my undercarriage paint has faded over the years or is covered in gray dust/grim. I plan on hand restoring it. I have the car up on jacks and will be hand washing the undercarriage a section at a time, then using steel wool to prep the surface and putting a couple coats of red oxide and black paint in the proper areas. I saw in a related post that there is a reproduced book out which details the San Jose undercarriage. I would like to get a hold of some pictures of examples to show the proper restoration. It would be nice if we had a restoration guide section listed in the left column explaining and detailing some of the proper colors, tips, and details of an original example of a GT/CS or HCS. Maybe the webmaster will put a link to an area like this. I've searched over hundereds of websites but haven't found anything like this yet except on Mustang Club website out of Bay County Florida where a Man has his 66 GT fastback with hundereds of details posted.

Thanks for any help...

LowCountrySteve in NC...
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