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Originally Posted by Midnight Special
...I don't really care for the newbie vs senior stuff as I'v seen some seniors here post some pretty self-absorbed comments, especially pertaining to

Writing a ton of posts to gain a higher status is like clanging a gong to call attention to yourself, but it doesn't make you any more of an expert or enthusiast. This is indeed a fantastic site! Let's keep level.

Me thinks you put to much emphasis on number of posts rather than quality of said information.
The seniors to whom you refer to as self absorbed were self absorbed when they were newbies as well. The only difference is that they have shared their opinions openly and freely over a period of time without regard to negative opposition regarding touchy subjects. Yes, they were labeled as newbies when they/I? started also.
Our touchiest subject is always 100% original verses Restomod and to what extent either way. We all have our “Strong Opinions” some stronger than others and we still all learn from each other and enjoy the banter we share.
Me personally, I couldn’t begin to tell you how valuable an asset I have felt this site to be. I have made several friendships with individuals that most likely I never would have met otherwise. I also have never felt unwelcome or felt that responses to questions I have asked were negatively answered.
We have had individuals appear on this site and appear to attack individuals for their opinions, this is not why we are here enjoying this site.

As far as a person not selling a car due to comments from this membership. That is ludicrous. One could only assume that the seller was trying to bamboozle the buyer and backed out when said buyer asked too many pertinent questions. If the buyer was on the up and up, questions would be welcomed as the best way to sell his car to an interested buyer.

All that said.
Welcome to the site, I am certain if you stay and participate for a while you will change your thoughts a little bit.

You may make it without friends; but with them, you can do anything.
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