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Have you driven your CS or Cobra Jet today?

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Pics of new carb from Pony Carbs

I got this installed on Friday (just dropped it on) and drove around and could tell a slight difference from the original carb (that was leaking). I would get on it and it would accerate pretty good but hold first for a long time then shift and let a small chirp. While on the freeway it would downshift into second below 70MPH and accerate fairly well but not like I was hoping.

And then I watched the Pony carbs instructional video.................

They talk about NOT using a timing light and just moving the distributor until the engine idles the fastest. I decided to play around with this. I found the sweet spot which was twisting to the left on the distributor.

Took the car out for a spin and could not believe what I got!!!! The car would not hold first as long (it would shift perfectly) and laaaaayyyyy a niiiccceee second gear scratch! I would say this added 50 RWHP, easily. Went up to the freeway and bombed down it and can say if the Pony carbs guys were here I would slap them a high five for a job well done (on the carb AND the instructions on the video about advancing the engine).

Now I KNOW what a big block should feel like. I am hooked!


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