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Re:Need Advice - Please Be Gentle On Me

63alf, welcome to the site. You do have a rare car there and it is sort of a shame to see you get rid of it. But then again it will make some other enthusiast very happy! :)

Personally I would recommend against the Metro brake booster idea. If you were keeping it and you weren't that concerned about fully restoring it then that might be the way to go. But since you're selling it, please do the future owner a favor and don't detract from the originality of the car. If I was looking at your GT/CS and saw that you did that, all sorts of red flags would go off and I'd assume you had messed around with other things as well.

In most cases I would agree with StraighSix about selling as-is to limit your headache and cash outlay. However, that engine in that car is a rare peice and I would think worth considerably more (both in cash and ease of selling) if it was running.

Plus the problems you mention are potentially easy to solve. At least easy to solve enough to get running. A buyer can tell so much more about a running car.

A new master cylinder (not that much $) and a good bleeding (do it your self) will probably bring you a long way towards fixing the brake problem. It will probably bring it to the point where you can at least drive it, and then just explain to the new owner that it's been sitting and a full brake job is in order.

The gas tank is a similar problem that can probably be solved enough to drive. Rebuild the carb (not much $), drain the tank and make sure you have a few fresh fuel filters. Yes, the filter will get gummed up quick if you don't actually boil out the tank, but again it should get the car running for buyers to take quick drives. Maybe install a high capacity fuel filter inline before the carb to help catch as much gunk as possible.

Whatever you do you should tell the potential owner of the condition and how long it sat. Please don't think I'm advocating quick fixes to fool some buyer into thinking it's a great running car. On the contrary I'm recommending that you get it running so a buyer can drive it around the block once and get a better feel for the condition.

And Kevin, I would love to see info on that Metro swap. I don't think it's appropriate for everyone's car, but I'm sure lots of owners would be very interested in that mod.
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