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1968 Red/White GT/CS - taken April 25, 2004

texascanuck’s Forums Photo Gallery
1968 Red/White GT/CS - taken April 25, 2004
TRANS: Automatic
COLOR: Red with White vinyl roof
OPTIONS: A/C (Factory)
I bought her in Albuquerque, NM and drove her back to Houston, TX in April of 1997 and used her as my daily driver from then until the beginning of 2003. Now I only drive her weekends and use the new 2005 Mustang GT convertible for daily use.

Recently (like Feb/March 2006), I got a Marti report done but I knew she was a real GT/CS without that...she still has the GT/CS only extra harness in the trunk on the passenger side with the purple tag although it is brittle but it is there and only the GT/CS had them.

Major re-builds:
1) Transmission rebuilt - December 2000 by Aamco
2) Engine rebuilt - January 2001 or therabouts by personal mechanic after engine seized on me unexpectedly. Coolant had leaked into the engine block through small crack, so had to re-build including re-sleeving all 8 cylinders and this just after I did elective Transmission re-build since transmission was just starting to slip...yeah that set me back some money!

In terms of non-stock items (in no particular order):
1) Hood stripes were an option but only in mat black, I thought white would be more appropriate so I used Paul Newitt's book for exact specs dimension/location wise and had a couple of white stripes painted on the hood.
2) Side view mirror on passenger side added for safety as this was my daily driver up until 2004.
3) Power Steering pump had whining noise problems and I changed out many finally getting a quiet one but not from 1968, I believe it is 1966 but I still have my "original" PS pump
4) Radio is an aftermarket Jensen deal but I still have the original AM radio
5) GT center caps were bought on eBay a few years ago and put on to dress it up but I still have the original non-GT center caps.
6) Radio antenna substituted for a manually retractable version to fit underneath my car cover but I still have the original antenna.
7) Air cleaner substituted with one of those exposed style chrome jobs but I still have the original blue one.
8) Monte Carlo bar added.
9) Radiator overflow container added to make system a closed one rather than original open system (i.e.: where water could exit the system).
10) Interior upholstery (including seat sponge) and carpet replaced.
11) Rolled chrome exhaust tips added
12) Rear valence with dual exhaust cut-outs added (my "original" valence had no cut-outs).
13) A/C compressor replaced with remanufactured one although I still have my "original" one
14) Battery is modern sealed style
15) Dash clock gauge replaced with RPM gauge and I do not have the original clock and the RPM gauge does not work all the time...this was a previous owner mod not mine and I never got around to finding a clock.
16) Stainless Steel manual disc brakes added to front
17) Dual exhaust (transverse muffler style) system added
18) New windshield added but it is Carlite!
19) I had the car painted in 1997 and I did it cheaply and now I am paying for it. It sucks! It is darker than it should be and getting darker it seems plus it is starting to degrade as if some sort of chemical reaction is going on. Lesson learned, spend the money on a good paint job. I opted for something like $1,200 when I should have gone for $4,000+


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