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Thanks for the info Don. That Boss 302 making over 400 is impressive. My motor is a 347 with aluminum heads and a good cam going to 6500 rpm and i think it makes just about 400, probably not more.

If the the boss 302 makes over 400 in stock form that is really you know what rpm's it would rev to and the specs on the stock cam? I heard that the 427 was a better motor than the 428 in terms of that true? why/why not?

Less than 30 gtcs's came with 428's...bob teets' gallery says that 9 HCS's came with 428's. Do you know how much it says on the sticker for the 428 engine? The base 289 was $105.63, im just curious how much more for the 428? Also the GTCS's that came with the 428..did they come with C6's? or Manuals? Did they beef up the rear end with a 9 inch also?

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