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I wasn't going to say anything until the article actually came out - you never know what could happen. Honestly, I have not even seen it yet - as my Mustang Times has not yet arrived. So, other than what I sent them over the holiday break, I dont know what it looks like. The editor at MT, Mary Jean, is great to deal with, and it was fun working with her.

Many thanks to Paul N. who edited the article with me. I wanted it to be historically accurate, as it was going to be published for the Mustang Club of America. Hopefully the article will be a good spring board for Paul's new book on the GTCS/HCS coming out.

I also hope it makes the GTCS/HCS owners, and especially those on this site, proud of our rare Mustang. I did include a link to this site for others in MCA to experience what a great group of helpful people there are on this forum.

I would especially like to welcome any fellow MCA members that are coming to view the site for the first time.

Thanks, Casey MCA#54572
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