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Hi Marty,
I completely agree that is the route I should go, but unfortunately I already ran new lines, replaced a lot suspension parts and with a complete strip I don't think I will be able to put the pieces back together without messing it up or costing an arm & a leg by outsourcing it.

I had some rust work done recently (floor board & battery tray area) and the shop took me for a ride charging me over $5k. The rest of the car does not look that bad, including the cowl space area. At this stage I feel I can do most of the work myself except the painting and keep the costs somewhat under control. In addition to the rust repairs I already spent about $15k on parts to be replaced. Doing a complete rebuild is well worth it but I am just afraid to jump into something like this and it will completely blow my budget away.

Thanks again for your recommendations. Hmm... Lots to think about....
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