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new GT/CS owners

Hello, we are very new to this and we have a question that may seem basic, but remember, we're new. My husband worked out a trade for a GT/CS. The guy who has it now says he's the second owner and he's had it in a garage 20 years. It's in pretty good condition and seems to mostly need cosmetic work. We have yet to check the VIN and data plates which we will do. The question is, what is the beat thing to do? Restore the car to have all the data match? Or is it ok to change, say the paint color? It's green and my husband would love to have it candyapple red. It's got a 289, but the present owner said it came with a 302 but that blew so he put in a 289. What about putting a good stereo? We just don't know how much to change. So tell us, what steps do we take? Thank you.
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Re:new GT/CS owners


First Welcome to the forum and owning a GT/CS!

As for your quesiton, it is something that is discussed alot in this forum. You need to ask what you want to do with the car? I ask because if you plan to show it in car shows as an original car, then don't change anything. If what you or should I say your husband wants to with the car. I (and most in the forum) will tell you it will not hurt the car if you do anything to it that can not be reversed. So changing the color of putting in a different radio can all be changed back, just make sure you keep all the original pieces. I would not do anything that would mean cutting into anything or modifying something that will permanently alter it.

The bottom line with a collectable...make it something you want to be proud of and seen driving in.

Again welcome to the CS craze and everyone here is more than happy to help you with any question.

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Re:new GT/CS owners

Welcome to the forum. I agree with Sunlite gold on your car. I would even go so far as to ask the previous owner if he still has the original blown engine somewhere and get it from him. It will have the VIN number on the block and may be able to be repaired. Don't cut up the dash for the stereo. There are companies that make units that will fit in the dash and control a CD player you mount in the trunk. Enjoy your new toy and visit here often.
Steve :)
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