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A really bad Day!

It is just a bit ironic the just this morning I told Neil I could not imagine how he felt when that wheel came through his fender. I have a pretty good idea now.
I was just making a few adjustments to the silver 67 that I am going to sell. I was putting the battery back in the car when I connected the negative cable, the starter started to turn and the car started to move in reverse (its a manual). I tried to pull off the cable and to make it worse it started up draging me along while laying rubber on the floor I grabed for the coil wire and missed pulling off 1 plug wire. I fell off and the car went through the shop door. I then pulled off the coil wire killing the engine but the starter was still cranking. I finely got the battery cable off before it got clear out of the door. Neil, I think I know how you feel. I still do not know what went wrong, the keys weren't even in it. I'll check it more tomorrow. Marty
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wow! that is a bad day!
but, no one got hurt, right? so it was a bad day, but thankfully it wasn't a horrible day.
the car doesn't look to bad for going through a garge door.
you need a horse wisperer to teach that mustang not to kick

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That hurts to look at. Hope you weren't injured. I was pinned against a steel gate once when one of my cars jumped into reverse while I was behind it, so I know how you feel. I still have dents from my hands in my trunk lid, but this looks a lot worse.


The wannabe formerly known as an owner.
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Wow! Thankfully it wasn't in first gear! Replace your solenoid AND the ignition switch.

I had something similar (nothing that dramatic, thank God) happen with my '69 coupe...started by replacing the ignition switch, but it was still intermittently acting strange, so I did the solenoid as well. No issues since. After this incident, and a second one involving a stuck solenoid in the parking lot of the DMV with a "new" '70 I had, I always put those switches on my negative battery terminal on all my drivers. They're $25 each, but worth the peace of mind.
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Old 11/15/2009, 10:22 PM   #5
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Omigosh. Sympathy is your pain in my heart.

Definitely- replace the starter solenoid. I guarrantee it's stuck closed. With the battery disconnected, you'll read 0 ohms between the two large posts on the solenoid.
We had an identical type problem on an aircraft causing the landing gear not to extend, and subsequent belly landing. The FAA claimed 'pilot error', until I showed them the solenoid with the internal contacts welded together.

Hope the body damage is minimal, and even more thankful you weren't hurt. Wish I were there to help.

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Old 11/15/2009, 10:43 PM   #6

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Sorry to hear about your day but at least your safe. Can't tell all the stories of calls I went on over where the owner pinned themselves againist a wall or even drove over themselves. Had one where the person ran over their own head
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Old 11/15/2009, 11:50 PM   #7
Midnight Special
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...Oh Marty....Damn! So sorry! This will be one of those nights (if you get to sleep) you'll wake up tomorrow hoping it was all a bad dream! Been there too. So sorry for you indeed. I agree with Neil. Solenoid and possibly ignition switch. My black CS kept trying to start itself on cold rainy nights when I first got it. Sometimes at around 2 a.m.! Thank God I didn't have it in gear.

So glad you didn't get hurt. Everything else will be better with a little more time. Hang in there!

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Marty, I'm so glad YOU were not hurt!!! I've found throughout the years that material things can be replaced or repaired, and while your beautiful Mustang and your garage are injured...they can be repaired. I'm so thankful you're okay! Russ
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Ouch! That does hurt to look at. I'm really sorry to hear it Marty.

As others said, the silver lining is that no one got hurt. Although I'm sure that doesn't help your state of mind too much at the moment.

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GLAD you or nobody was hurt. What a experience!

Is this car any relation to the movie car Christine?

Hang in there, Dave
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Weeping Water, NE?

I feel for you man.


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robert campbell
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Glad no one was hurt!!! Makes you want to disconnect your battery every night!!

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Old 11/16/2009, 10:26 AM   #13
robert campbell
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Now that I am over the shock of the pictures, I have a thought. The aft small post on the solenoid provides 12 volts during the "cranking" phase of engine start up. Directly to the coil. I have used a screwdriver to connect the forward small post to the large battery terminal post to “bump” an engine.

I may be wrong, but with the starter engaged and the key off the car will start if you bump it like I describe. And then die as soon as you release the screw driver letting the solenoid release. So if the solenoid was fused together, the engine would start and continue to run until the starter is released. With the key off!

So your ignition switch is ok, I believe. The solenoid is the culprit. But you know that already.

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Sorry to hear about your incident. The important thing is that you're OK. You'll fix up that car before you know it.


HP numbers are good and all, but they're like asking someone how much they can bench. What difference does it make, if I can still kick your ass.
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So sorry!!! I am new to the classic Mustang world and wondering by some of the posts if this is something that is not all that uncommon. If so, I need to re-think how I turn mine of and park it (in first or reverse with no e-brake if on a flat surface)...

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