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My 2010 Mustang REVEAL Experience (11/18)

I JUST got in the door from a quick trip to L.A.

Tuesday Night (11/18) I was invited to attend the first-time-anywhere Reveal of the 2010 Mustang!


This is the type of new car that gives you the WOW factor, that I haven't felt since I'd been to a new car show when I was a kid, and they did cool new things to cars. Ford outdid themselves on this one. It's got all the right Mustang DNA on it. They had two on a dyno-type display setup (rollers on the rear), and they drag raced each other. This is one nasty-mean machine--that is very elegant. It looks like Lincoln did the interior. Each Mustang looks like a concept car-it's that good!!

More to follow!! This event was like a movie premiere. It was at the Barker Hangar at the the Santa Monica Airport. This was a Ford exclusive event--and it has all the excitement you'd expect!

I was definately WOW'd!!

p.s. no GT/CS for 2010. So...we have our work cut out for us--to find every 2007-2009 out there. The rarity factor begins NOW!
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Thumbs up

Sounds awesome! Would have loved to see that dyno drag race :)
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Hey David!

I'm not sure, but I think they took that whole dyno set to the L.A. car show...this weekend! There are twelve 2010 Mustangs there, too. GM only brought two Camaros.

BTW--saw your DVD footage of your drag race--pretty awesome!! it's going on the book's DVD.
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(Note-- there is a simular thread over in the "off-topic" this might get moved..however, I'm posting the same comments here for now--thanks--Paul)

This was one of the best events I've ever attended. It was at the Barker Hanger-- where they do fashion shows, sports dinners, the Santa Monica Airport. Before it started, you could feel the energy in the air, helicopters and Lear jets taking off, and a lot of the Ford brass, designers, and top dogs. About 200 classic Mustangs from '65 to '05 were there. This was every bit as exciting as a movie premiere you'd see on TV. I was invited by a friend from Ford, who worked on the new CS and this one as well. I also got to meet a few of the other designers, and I told them how much I loved how they pulled this off. They were thrilled that it was a success for them.

Everyone who attended got a free 1:18th Maisto metal toy of the 2010, placed under their seat, with a 2010 Mustang brochure. A red convertible, a definate collectible, since the box said "top secret--don't open until Nov 18th, 2008". They made only 4,000 of these... A prized possession.

I got to sit in the front section, and they showed some commercials, and a film that won an award, about a father and (grown) son that went to a Ford dealer (Danganham, England) three times to test drive a '70 Red convertible...and the salesman' hair and tie was all askew sitting in the back seat....the dad and son went one more time, and the salesman said, sorry, the Mustang was sold...the dad, dissappointed, then was handed the keys, and the son looked at him and said happy father's day. A tear jerker.

The video and being there really made me very proud to own a Mustang (actually, 2). They talked of the heritage, and pride of ownership. It was really a great aknowledgement by Ford of all of us, and the thousands of stories only we know. They had some racing heros. and their cars...including a repro '67 Trans Am car, with Jerry Titus' son there, Rick. Even Shelby was there...

When they were done with the heros part, they turned off the lights, and did a short video of elements of the new Mustang (including sequential taillights on ALL 2010's). Then...they fired up this racer that did a controlled drifting demo on the stage (it was a 2010 racer), and then four other 2010's came in with a roar! it was LOUD and very, very cool!!!!!! Then rock music, and everyone stood up to see this new gem!!! A totally AWESOME moment!!!! It was like a Mustang dream, and a movie premiere all rolled up into one.

The car is beautiful! I had this reaction like I was a kid again, seeing a new car for the first a car show, and intriqued at the shapes and taillights, etc....

The nose is VERY mean....and yet, very Mustang!!! It's kinda like a 1969 with the pointed hood. The headlights (two types, one projector type), have these neat '70 (dbl scoops on the nose) looking turn signals next to the headlights. Yes, the rear is rounded, but not that much. The taillights are awesome, and very clever how they placed the backup lights as dividers between the three red resemble the chrome on the '65 taillights.

The (faux) gas cap is BIG, but it's like a cool icon on the rear. It works... The body designs are very nice. the fastback has a hump at the rear wheels, but the convertible does not. The interior is the best yet! The 07-09 instruments get blocked by the angle, etc... the 2010 instruments are very easy to see, and I can read the numbers without my reading glasses! They have a 1950's spaceship look to them. And--get this!-- when you get in this Mustang...and shut the are greeted with the LCD word "WELCOME" in the right dash pod. How cool is that? A car that talks to you??? Talk about a sales clincher!! There is a cool round Mustang medallion in the center of the steering wheel, and little chrome running horses in the door panels. Very Nice, and Very Mustang!!!! They did it right.

This is a Mustang that people WILL fall in love with.

I've usually kinda thought "oh, well" about Mustangs that have come out over the years...but this one made me feel like a kid again in the excitement! When you see one up close (photos don't do it justice), you'll think that it's a concept Mustang that made it into production! This one WILL become a classic, because it has enough elements in it to pull on your heartstrings. This one will be a keeper!! I want one!!!!! The talk is that the Shelby version coming out later will be really spectacular!!!

As for red...oh, boy!! There is this new red's a Lipstick red with metallic. It's called "Red Candy Metallic, with tinted clearcoat". Awesome color...a real head turner. Other 2010 colors include: Kona BLue Metallic, Grabber BLue, Sunset Gold Metallic, Sterling Grey Metallic. Carried over from 2009 are, Brilliant Silver Metallic, Black, Performance White, and Torch Red. No GT/CS planned, but expect some very exciting variants to come, as well as some very exciting accessories and performance packs.

This is a very, very elegant car, with a bad-ass nose and awesome power--and sound!!! It's like "son of Ford GT". The choices are: V6 4.0 (the eco-boost), V6 Premium, GT 4.6V8, and G Premium.

I'll post some photos with the help of someone here (since the site upgrade skipped my ability to do so--no problem).

Paul Newitt
p.s. If I'd known about this earlier, I definately would have invited the L.A. GT/CS folks..sorry...
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Thanks for the write-up. Although I could not attend the unveiling, I was fortunate enough to watch it on TV. I also felt a sense of pride as a Mustang owner as I watched it. I agree that Ford did a nice job on the refreshening. The new nose is cool, but I am more excited by the "kickup" in the rear quarter panel:

However, my favorite improvement by far is the new interior. It looks beautiful from the photos:

If anyone would like to see more photos, They can go here:

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Thanks Paul, for sharing this.
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