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prices for parts

I could use some advice. My CS is just finished being restored. I have lots of old parts to sell. I was planning on putting them on ebay to see how they would do. Seems people are willing to pay quite a bit sometimes just because it is original although not always in the best condition. I had a person at a car show though want to know what parts I have and how much I want for them. Particularly my wheels. I have no idea what to ask. I tried looking in completed listings on ebay but didnt find any. They are not pretty. My brother painted the chrome part black many years ago. and the trim rings are very scratched. The caps are not bad but still have some dings. As for the other parts, I almost am inclined to discourage him from buying because I feel I am going to go to lots of trouble to come up with prices and then he will blow it off that he could get it all so much cheaper. Just have that feeling about the guy. Any suggestions?
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How about listing the parts, and your opinion as to condition. Then we could offer suggestions/values.

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What Neil said, plus, when the wheels were painted, did he just rattle can them. You might be able to use some laquer thinner and clean off the paint.


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i'm just starting resto of my 68, what parts do you have?

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I will list parts. Thanks for all the help. I figured I would just look up stuff on ebay but if you are willing to give input, that would be great. I would feel much more confident it my pricing then. I started the list already but will finish in the next day or two.
I havent tried the lacquer yet on my wheels I will give that a shot.
Jbart, I would not buy any of my parts, except maybe new stuff (I did double order a few things)if you are restoring it to show. My parts are 40 years old, and most look like it. I will list the conditions though.
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Ok, here are my parts
-4 wheels (rims, trim rings, and GT hubcaps) with tires. Tires are ok. As I said before, wheels were spray painted black. I still have not had time to try getting that off, so if you could just consider them black when thinking of price. trim rings are pretty scratched. Hubcaps have some dings.
-Exterior door handles, original, pitted and scratched
-Instrument bezel and lenses, both original, bezel could be repainted other than that, good condition
-window cranks, all 4, original, not bad
-interior door handles, original, scratched
-1 side marker w/o chrome, other broke in half, original
-2 hood bumpers, probably not worth anything, fine shape though
-Tailight lens, original, has cracks inside, other one cracked in half
-2 Tailight lens bezels, pitted
-"California" emblem, no flaws, just needs cleaning
-Pair of scoops, no screens, not sure of originality, someone drilled them on so they have two holes at the end. You can see where the mounting part was, but it is gone. Cracks in paint, but fiberglass is ok.
-Scuff plates, scuffed, original
-Rocker panels, not sure if orig., did not see emblem or part #, scratched and pitted
-Front Bumper, not original, very nice, a few scratches but rusty on inside
-Rear Bumper, No dings, but rust spots particularly near bolts and holes
-Left remote mirror, doesnt stay in place, pitted

Other parts I have that I dont need help with pricing, but are brand new, and I just dont need. I will post these in classifieds too.
-2 RH Lower dash panels, black $10 each
-Pair door run seals, scott drake $20
-windshield weatherstrip, FORD $20
-rear window weatherstrip, FORD $15
-Turn signal lever $5
-Lucas Fog Light Bezel, this is an original. Pretty good shape, very clean but has a few scratches. I dont know why, but my mounting was different so it did not fit. It is just the bezel with a bolt on the bottom. $70
Thats it! Thanks again for the help.

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