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Late Model GT/CS Wish List. What would you like?

After the Galpin and Knott's shows, I got a really clear look at the late model GT/CS interest.

I honestly think that the ball's been dropped for these Mustangs, and I wish I could do more right now, but I'm knee deep in the book.

There are many options, stripes, emblems, a decal (me!), and regular accessories that are available. I even did a song with Joe's CS's supercharger on it (part of a rock video for the books; DVD).

Could those of you with a 2007-2008 (and '09), give me a wish list of what you'd like to have, or be part of, shows, or how to enhance your GT/CS experience???

I know that Jon Hanna--the webmaster has some plans to help the late models on this site, but I just have this feeling that not enough is being done, and I'd like to hear what you have to say (don't be shy, tell it like it is), and what you'd like me to do.

There are about 14,000 of these Mustangs out there right now...and we need to recognize that market, and honor those owners a lot more right now.

thanks! Let's hear from you!!

Paul Newitt--GT/CS Registrar--1968, 2007-2009.
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Wish List for 2007-2009 GT/CS


Sorry I couldn't get out to the 40th at Galpin. I had only just found out about the 40th and wasn't sure if there would be enough room for me to park in the show. That would be after a 6 hour drive to and only 3 hours sleep.

I slept a little longer and went for a drive up to Prescott, AZ w/ 3 other members of Wild West Mustangs. Also very short notice, yet the most fun
I've had yet w/ my GT/CS convertible. See

As for the wish list, you have already crossed the first wish off.
You have answered my biggest question of how many GT/CSs were made in '07. Big thanks for that!

Now that I know how rare they are, I have decided to hold off on doing any mods. Sequential turn signals should have at least been an option in keeping w/ the '68s, in my opinion. A short throw shifter would be much appreciated. Those 2 seem worth doing, yet almost every '05-'08 Mustang I've seen here has been modified, so I'm the odd man out by keeping mine stock.

What I would like to know on the Wish List is;
What # off the production line is mine?
How many are convertibles?
How many are black with the options mine has?
What would it take to modify the beautiful decal you've made to state which # our cars are?

I'd be willing to pay extra for that!
Too bad they didn't come with the strut tower brace with the # plate like the Bullitts have.
I wonder why Ford chose not to list the rarity?

I certainly want to thank you for time and effort you have put into documenting all of the GT/CSs and HCS cars. I only learned about the HCSs through this Forum.

I would also like to have my car listed in your registry and will mail you a check for a few of your decals. I will include a copy of the Option sheet that was on the window of mine. I keep all service records and it only gets serviced at the dealer where I bought it. I would love to have a copy of your GT/CS book as well so I can have the Heritage available to show interested friends and fellow enthusiasts.

If you are interested I can write down the history of how we came to own this beautiful car and what the "Sentimental Journey" is behind it. It will be a few pages...if you're up for a read.

About the Black on Black. As a designer/illustrator I really like imagery that makes me look twice, just to be sure it is there. Like the black stripe on the black paint. What amazes me is how many people don't see it, until I point it out as one of the features that makes the GT/CS different.

Thanks again,
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Limited Edition numbers

Paul, Thanks for the information. The California Special is advertised by Ford as a "Limited Edition." Don't they publish data somewhere on how many were made by year, and by coupe and convertible? Thanks, Mack.
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Hi Mack and RP51--and welcome to the site!!

I appreciate your interest in the GT/CS, and it's heritage. I'm noticing that the late models are beginning to come into their own, and that I'm noticing a lot of modifications.

I do not think that the late model CS should head for the Shelby route, but carve out it's own niche. The production numbers of the CS givie it the "pedigree" that it deserves. You wouldn't see a Bullitt Mustang try to look like a Shelby, either.

It's hard, but not impossible to see where these cars fit in the line up of production. I'll be getting some more numbers for the book, detailing out how many of this and that, which people like to have. There are codes in the VIN and other data plate numbers that reflect certain production characteristics.

This is just the beginning of the legacy of the late model CS. There is SO much more to come, during the ownership phase of it's history. I can appreciate your interest in keeping it stock, and the service at the Ford dealer is admirable, too.

I think, tho, that anything that you can add or remove in a day or less should be OK to put on your CS. But, that is any owner's decision.

I appreciate your comments, and I'll be including a list of some aftermarket parts for the CS in the book. I DO like the idea of a GT/CS Strut Tower brace. THAT is cool.

Be sure to write me...I have lots of letters about ownership from over the past 20+ years.

Thanks for your comments--and please post more.

Paul Newitt
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I'd like to see a horn button, door sill plates, dash plaque, gas door (real and fake), wheel centers, shift knob, radiator shroud info plate, different color stripes, a way to add '68 lights to the rear, a ducktail rear spoiler, headrest covers. Basically just what it should of had from Ford.
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CS Wish List

Hi Paul

I actually posted a similar subject a couple of weeks ago, asking if anyone knew of any specific GT/CS parts, so you may want to check that for replies as well, although I don't think there have been to many so far.

I would really like to see some specific GT/CS parts for:

Gear shift billet shroud
Door sill plates
Trunk Mat
Radiator shroud along with extension pieces - similar to Midwest Autogear style
Billet fluid caps and dipstick for engine
Fuse box cover
Seat headrest cover
Console arm rest cover
I also really like the idea of a strut brace (that fits over the Intake cover)
"California Special" Badge or emblem to mount on trunk rear

That would be a great start.

Thanks for your interest Paul
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WOW. It's a good thing I didn't ask for a Christmas list! :-)

Great ideas--and it looks like we have a whole specific market for these parts. I think what is most evident, is that you want things that identify it AS a GT/CS only. It also looks like you want more items that make it look like the '68 version, which is very respectful to the early version. Thank you for that.

Let me get up to speed with the book, then we'll kick some you-know-what, and get to making these items, one way or another.


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Send a message via AIM to J.Bart
i'm working with a shop, and a ford dealership in utah on different color stripes. we are working out the details, some colors change when put on some colors, but we are working it out. still in the trial stage.

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a thought on a gt/cs strut tower brace, if at all possible that it be engineered for a supercharged cs also

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Originally Posted by JBART View Post
I'm working with a shop, and a Ford dealership in utah on different color stripes. we are working out the details, some colors change when put on some colors, but we are working it out. Still in the trial stage.
A couple of things...first, Ford went with black-only, because that 'dissipation" part of the stripe on the door only worked out in black (and now white for '09).

I also noticed that close up, the late model CS stripes are not three (traditional) vinyl stripes, but a clear backing with all three--as one, on top of that clear backing.

Many people want the GT/CS logo on the scoop. Not sure if there is the room to do that, but there is interest.

And...the rear deck stripe needs to be redone (from whomever made it), to match the proportions of the original '68 stripe. It's off--and it's too short on the lower ends.

You might consider taking ques from the '68 color combos for your stripe match quest.

Glad to see someone doing new stripes!

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Not sure about adding things to the car. Bought it because we liked the way it looked. Husband has a preference for 'stock' cars, so it's hard to sway him towards something I want to change or add.
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Originally Posted by JBART View Post
a thought on a gt/cs strut tower brace, if at all possible that it be engineered for a supercharged cs also
I'd really like to see a GT/CS specific strut tower brace that would fit with my supercharger.


HP numbers are good and all, but they're like asking someone how much they can bench. What difference does it make, if I can still kick your ass.
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Hey guys. New member here and saw discussion about wanting to know production numbers (RP51's reply). I've been trying to get an answer from Ford's Customer Relationship Center and did this week. It's not what I was hoping for. Here are the replies that I recieved:
"Once vehicle orders are received at the assembly plant, it is at the discretion
of the plant in what order the vehicles will be built. The key goal
is to arrange production scheduling so that vehicles with similar features
and options are manufactured in one batch. This results in increased
manufacturing efficiency and quality, as the number of line re-configurations
is kept to a minimum. Therefore, there is no method for verifying
the number of your vehicle in the production sequence."
"Please be advised that since 1946, Ford calculates its production figures solely by Body Style, and not by vehicle content options. There are far too many different vehicle content options that the customer may choose at time of original ordering, which is far too numerous to calculate and to document on a year to year basis."

I find it hard to believe . . .
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Well, not that I will have all the answers, but you have to take Ford's response with a big grain of salt.

There ARE other ways of finding out numbers. I think Ford says this to avoid opening up a pandora's box to other customers. If they gave out ONE number, then others would ask about how many with this type of wheels, or this or that type of seats, colors, etc...

Somehow, someday, we'll have the equvalent of a Marti report for the late models. In the meantime, we can work out numbers by reverse engineering them. Maybe not the answers you would like, but it's a pretty good guess.

and..."There's this guy in a trenchcoat that I meet at night in a Dearborn parking lot, and I get answers to my questions".. (LOL).

I'll have something for you later...stay tuned.

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Originally Posted by PNewitt View Post
I can appreciate your interest in keeping it stock, and the service at the Ford dealer is admirable, too.

I think, tho, that anything that you can add or remove in a day or less should be OK to put on your CS. But, that is any owner's decision. Paul Newitt
Paul: I completely agree with you here. I have done a few things under the hood of my GT/CS to make it stand out a little more at car shows and cruises that I attend. However, all of my modifications can be removed within a matter of minutes. As an example, here is a photo of my custom plenum cover that can easily be removed and swapped for the original, which I have safely stored:

I have kept my modifications limited to those that are easily restored to original form for two reasons. First, I plan to keep this car for as long as I can drive and I like the idea of easily returning my GT/CS to stock form.

Second, as LadyStang has stated, I purchased my GT/CS because I already like the way that it looks. I think it is a beautiful Mustang model that carries on many of the great attributes of the original GT/CS (the stripe, the sharing of the Shelby parts, etc.) As fun as it is, I don't think this beautiful car needs much done to it.

My only request now is to see those production numbers be broken down by exterior color, coupe/convertible, transmission, and interior color.


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