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66 Dearborn HCS

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'66 HCS value

I remember reading the post shoiwng the conversation with Bob Teets that the 66'67 HCS's are worth about $1000 more than a standard car of the same year. No what about mine? I know that cars are only worth what someone is willing to pay, but we also know that these cars have an inherently higher value than the run of the mill 'stang.
I'll tell you guys what I've done so far and what I'm planning for the future of this car. Maybe you all can let me know about what it should be worth.

The door tag info reads:
65A 26 226 510065 6 1
I think the build date should be 22G not 6, but it's what's stamped on the plate.

To date,
Bodywork- I have had both lower front fenders patched along with the passenger side lower quarter patch also. The entire drivers side quarter was replaced and it has a new taillight panel. I have the original trunk lid but the original quarter extentions were'nt worth saving. The trunk does have a large dent on the lower back side of it. I have the Maier 68 HCS style decklid and quarter extentions on it right now and was thinking of going with 67 Shelby taillights or the 68 HCS taillights. Bob Teets also has a Cal Custom Tail lens kit that he's hinted that I could buy. They look kinda like the 68 Shelby but with horizontal silver bars across it. Pretty cool!
Interior- It's currently gotted. I've thought of going with the M-detail Scat seats in pony colors for the interior with stock backseat. Black interior with white inserts on the seats and white door panels on black doors. I have an original AC unit and all the plumbing and extra's that I yanked out of a donor car. I don't know if I'll use it or go with one of the new setups that combines it all into one unit on the firewall and just has the vents attached without the big box in the center. Then I could do a custom console with stereo and everything. I'm going to have a radio delete plate on the dash (former owner hacked the dash). I don't want to hack it more and I don't want my equipment that visible either so the delete plate will clean up the dash and still be correct.

Engine bay/driveline- The motor that came in the car was a C8302 with a cracked cylinder. The crank and heads were fine so they were scavenged for another 302 which is running the stock heads (hardened seats). Edelbrock RPM Air Gap intake. Melling Hi-Po cam, .060" overbore 10:1 flat top pistons. Stock '66 Distributor with Pertronix II swap. stock water pump, high flow oil pump, stock fuel pump. stock open rear differential (not the original but correct for the car per the buck tag). I've planned on a T-5 Tranny swap as the stock 3-spd manual IMHO isn't worth rebuilding. I will keep it though as it is the original tranny.

Future plans- I have not had the car finished due to financial reasons. I'm also planning on trying to stick with the stock hood, but am unsure if it will fit with the Air Gap intake. otherwise I will go with the Shelby style hood. I won't cut the original hood. If this is neccesary though. I'm going to have all the new body panel painted and also have the original hood and rear decklid and extentions painted at the same time. So that they could be swapped back on if I ever choose to fo that (Or if I sell it, I have the originals also ready to bolt back on).

So I'll be looking at a car that has nothing that can't be reversed easily other than the taillight panel. Which has two hoods and two rear decklids all in the correct color.

What do you guys think? It's original, but not, and what's not can easily be put back, because I still have it (except for the MIA original motor). This is the only car in the registry that was built in Dearborn. Bob Teets has confirmed this is a real '66 HCS. The original HCS badges were on the original paint. This car is also registered with Tony Popish in the Special Paint Registry.

What's it worth, or more correctly, What will it be worth upon completion? Anything that I've said that I should definitely NOT do? Or anything that I should definitely do that I failed to mention?
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66 Dearborn HCS

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Re:'66 HCS value

I guess I was planning on a "what if" approach for this car. What if Little Red had been made in '65 instead of '67? :o
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66 Dearborn HCS

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Re:'66 HCS value

[quote author=66 Dearborn HCS link=board=1;threadid=677;start=0#msg3622 date=1068427705]
I guess I was planning on a "what if" approach for this car. What if Little Red had been made in '65 instead of '67? :o

Hey thanks for the non-help guys. I appreciate it. :P
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