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Help for those trying to purchase a GT/CS

All, (guests included)

I don't know how many folks are out there beating the bushes trying to find a GT/CS in good shape, but I am as well. I have located a half dozen cars in varying degrees of completion, orginality, and condition.

As I have now become completely addicted to trying to locate this elusive beasts for sale, thought that maybe we could combine forces (whoever else is looking) and share some info. I have Marti reports on at least 5 or 6 of them, some pricing information, and even some pics.

If anyone is interested, let me know. It might even be fun! Drop me a line and we can start posting the finds here.

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Re:Help for those trying to purchase a GT/CS

Racing Fan,
If you don't mind could you send me the Vin #'s, I only ask because I have been sending Paul Newitt all the #'s not listed in the current recognition guide so the 2003 addition will have as many GT/CS's as possible. If you want you can send him the info directly, just go to the members section and either click on his email (if it's there) or click on his name and then hit the instant message part. Just thought all the great work you have done to track these cars down should be put to good use if they are not already in the guide. Thanks

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Re:Help for those trying to purchase a GT/CS

Like I mentioned Doug, its a labor of love. Suprisingly enough, I haven't run across one "fake" other than a $18,000 "clone GT/CS" fully restored. Not sure what that means, but at least he is honest about. Seems a mighty high price to pay for a wanna be, but I hope whoever has that much money to spend on it enjoys it!

So far, I have ran across 8 (+) GT/CS's:

Sunlit Gold in Kerrville Texas Driver $13,000
Raven Black In Austin Texas Driver $14,500
2 Acapulco Blue in NJ/MA Drivers $9000/$7500
Meadowlard Yellow in San Diego Driver $8500
Diamond Blue in West Palm Beach, FL Driver $11,500
Seafoam Green in San Diego Driver(+) $11,000
Candy Apple Red in Missouri Driver (+) $16,900

I have VIN's on most of them, a couple were actually in the registry (1996) but current owners were unaware of the registry.

30 plus years takes a toll on originality, as I have ran across many non-factory parts, repro hoods and trunk lids, non-factory fog lights, misinstalled Lucas lights (maybe dealer issues) and chrome tail light bezels still with the tell-tale black trim around the outer edges. Argent SS wheels and quad tips on non-GT cars, and interior color changes (poorly done) are a few more I have run into.

Most needed work, either cosmetic (paint) or interior refreshing (most). Not an incredible amount of rust repair needed, as I think most standard coupes here on the East Coast have fallen apart already, and replacing body panels on the GT/CS's were the only way to keep them around.

I will forward the VINs to Paul along with door tag info and a copy of the Marti Reports I have purchased. The two books have been an incredible asset as I looked at the vehicles, with owners "amazed" at the wealth of knowledge I displayed about the Paul if you are reading this!!!)

Will keep everyone updated on the search.
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