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Insurance for Classics and Collector cars

im looking into getting either classic car insurance or collector car insurance.
If anyone has these types of insurances, can you please say who insures your GT/CS or mention the names of insurance companies you have heard of that do this

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These are some good ones:

Compare the rates and see what works out best for you ... Parish/Heacock (this is my insurance for my Mach 1) still has a special policy that allows you to do some racing with your car ... but there isn't to my knowledge an insurance company that'll give you "collector car ins." for a daily driver ...

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Best e.t. : 11.042, Fastest speed: 124.08, Best 60' : 1.615, 0 to 100 in 6.98

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thank you mustanger!

hagerty already turned me down because im under 25 and i dont have a perfect driving record
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AAA refers you to American Hobbyist which is who I am currently using but they have a 5000 mile limit for going to shows, club meetings etc. Car has to be garaged and the driver over 25 which is common for these type of companies. I have my GT/CS and two '66 Volkswagens fully insured for $205.00 per year. Almost wish I had the under 25 problem!!! LOL
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kinda sucks about the under 25 thing.. are those who are under 25 not supposed to have a classic car or what? Im only 23 and am probably going to have the same problem. :( Any insurers not do the under 25 thing?
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I think 25 is the magic number with all companies. Once long, long ago when I turned 25, I started getting better rates on my policies. You can always get a "Stated Value" policy with a regular company where you and the agent agree on a value of your car, but it will cost a little more and then when you turn 25 switch to Haggerty, Grundy, etc.


PS, I'm with Haggerty and happy so far---but no fender benders either, just a tow because of a fried starter.


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I have State Farm with a classic car policy, but it does have a yearly mileage limit. I have to say they came through, for those new to the boards last year I had a house fire. My GT/CS was in the garage and was damages. I had no problems with getting it repaired. State Farm was excellant to deal with. She looks as good as new.
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Do whatever it takes to get insurance. I just returned home from a fire that involved a car collectors shop. There were approx 30 collector cars and trucks in the buildings, all metal and all attatched to each other. We were able to get all but 2 of the threatened vehicles out of the shop shortly after arrival on scene, along with an agressive interior attack, only the 2 suffered substantial damage. I believe 1 of them can be repaired but not too sure about the other. The family was at home and alerted to the fire by thier dogs barking. The bottom line is they were lucky, the fire could have been much worse. So the moral is get insurance, nobody hates to pay an insurance company worse than I, but after all of the work, time and money we spend on our cars it's pretty hard to justify not spending the money to insure it. A burned out black shell is not what we want to be left with when things go wrong. I will try to get some pics of the fire posted in the next few days.
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