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Is your car a boy or a girl?

Interesting snippet in Reader's Digest. I for one do not agree - "Buttercup" is not aggressive at all - or maybe I'm the exception to the rule

Is Your Car a Boy or a Girl?

Stephen King was onto something with "Christine". Drivers who give their cars human traits - calling them he or she, or naming them - are more likely to engage in road rage than those who don't, according to a Colorado State University study. "No one likes to admit they're a bad driver, so this gives them an excuse. They blame the car," says co-author Jake Benfield. And folks with bumper stickers or items hanging from the rearview missor are more likely to be aggressive or impatient.
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"They blame the car"
I don't know, my cars don't seem to much without me....
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When I was ten my bike was named Floyd. Not sure how that fits into the road rage thing????

I don't give much credence to that theory. My road rage is caused by the @$#&^@@* drivers out there. Not from my self or my vehicle. (OK maybe me a little)
My favorite is the guy in the fast lane being passed by the guys in the 3 slower lanes to the right.

Although my wife is asian I'll say it. It's the old men with hats and asian women that are the worst.

You may make it without friends; but with them, you can do anything.
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I "guess" if I had to think about it, I'd say that mine is a boy. Maroon is more of a male-style color (like dark red wood in a den, luxury, a sultry, enticing color). In my mind, Maroon would be the color of Barry White's voice.

One could get into a lot of trouble with explainations laced with sexual inuendo, so I'll sidestep that one! Whoa Boy!! LOL!!

As for the side topic of road rage (not to hijack your subject)--I'm noticing a LOT more of people drifting over the line on the freeway, while on a cell phone. Cell phones while driving = DUI.

And I don't care much for tailgating, either. Having all that vintage fiberglass on the rear makes me a lot more vigilant while driving ,and watching the mirror. I always give classic cars and motorcycles a lot of room on the road (although I don't care for bikers cutting (too close) between cars on the hwy., even though it's apparently "legal").

Paul N.
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John McGilvary
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My CS is a female, named "BABE".

She got her name back in 69, cause she always got pissed when someone would pull up along side her and want to race. She had no markings on her buns so no one knew what she had under her skirt. And when she showed them her tail lights at the end of the race, she just laughed and told me to shut up and drive.

A tail of too many beers!
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Boy? Girl? or.....MOM!!!! AAAHHH!!!

I will say that my Special does have a sense of always getting me home OK in thick or thin..

Once the timing chain broke--while sitting in the garage! It even knows where and when to get sick!

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Stacey Enderle
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What gender?


I call my CS "Lil Red", I wouldn't know what gender that'd be, but I've always looked at cars as girls and trucks as boys.


Little Red Mustang hiding in the leaves
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Mine won't have an official name until after she's on the road. Right now her name is Robin unless it just doesn't fit her disposition.

You may make it without friends; but with them, you can do anything.
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Boy or Girl?

Boys, both of them! I've named the '67 Ben, which fits for some reason.

1967 GT 390 Coupe - Lime Gold
& 1968 GT/CS 302 3spd. - Gulfstream Aqua
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