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John McGilvary
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Original owner/ First car/ CS/CJ

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California Special script, right or wrong.

Is your script " Californa Special" mounted in the correct position on your CS?

It would be interesting to see if the build dates show that the incorrect script placements were done during the same time frame, ( ie. the same shift, run of CS's, ect. ). If you know your build date, please respond.

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April 3- Correct script placement.

Steve in Missouri
1968 Candyapple Red J Code California Special
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Built Feb 13 - correct location


HP numbers are good and all, but they're like asking someone how much they can bench. What difference does it make, if I can still kick your ass.
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The car that became a diecast

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4/16/68 - Incorrect. Was messed-up when drivers side quarter was replaced. Don't know if it was correct prior to that since I did not own the car at that time.


68 GT/CS 390 "S" Code, 4 spd, 93 LX Hatchback Supercharged
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My 302 3-speed - incorrect passenger side

Built 4/30/68 - previous (3rd) owner who had car since 1989 believed it to be the original holes. I have my doubts based on the fact it's not perfectly straight in my mind. I have not found evidence that the quarter panel was replaced

My 289 Automatic - incorrect passenger side

Built 3/21/68 - From what I can tell, the rear quarter was replaced on the passenger side. The car has the raised reflector, but from the inside I can see it was a 67 or early 68 quarter panel because I can see the indentation for the flush mounted reflector.

The unknown in all this is, if the quarter panel was replaced was the issue due to making measurements from rear to script duplicated on both sides?

Or did the person doing the repair copy what was there originally.

Also - it appears, except for one other car I'm aware of, the passenger side always seems to be off ... do people normally do the driver's side first ... and then the passenger??


1968 Acapulco Blue GT/CS 289 * 1996 Red GT Convertible *
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My Garage

My car was built 2/09/68 and has the script correct. I believe it to be original.
One interesting fact on my car is, with such an early build date it wasn't sold until the following January!
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June 18, 1968. Mine are correct, however, I replaced the rear quarters in restoration and put back using the original hole placement from old quarters.


GT/CS sold to "PonyGal" for trip back home to California
1965 AC Cobra Replica - 390FE - Black on Black charcoal stripes - "The Black Pearl"
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May 15th and correct.
Mine wasn't sold until the following Jan. also, in Hawaii.


The wannabe formerly known as an owner.
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Built March 1, 1968 Correct script


1968 GTCS J code 302 4v Auto. / 1967 A code 289 4v Auto. "Local Promotion Car" / 1968 HCS 289 2v 4 speed / 1965 Fastback A code 289 4v Auto. Build Date 9-11-1964 two weeks prior to the introduction of the fastback / 2007 Mustang V6 5 speed / 2007 Shelby GT Black-Black 4.9 5 speed.
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My Garage
Passenger side incorrect, quarter was replaced due to accident, I did not own the car at the time so I do not know if the script was correct or incorrect prior. Don't know my build date.


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robert campbell
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Built 2 January 1968, if we ever figure out that it is a "gold nugget" cousin to a GT/CS. Left quarter and left side scoop replaced. Right side had holes in a higher position than traditional, and date codes on the quarter panels sheetmetal is compatible with the rest of the car and the build date. I templated a known GT/CS and moved both all scripts to the traditional, normal (whatever that is) location.

this is fun!
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Former GT/CS owner :(

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My Garage
Correct California Special script
order received 3/21/68
serialized 5/6/68
bucked 5/13/68
scheduled for build 5/28/68
actually built 5/15/68
released 5/16/68
sold 1/20/69

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Correct 02-19-68
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Mine are correct, March 4th. build date.

Previously Monkey Golf

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John McGilvary
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Original owner/ First car/ CS/CJ

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It is very interesting that most of the incorrectly placed script is on the passenger side and the qtrs. have at one time been replaced.

Does anyone other than Rob have incorrect driver side script?
Don's driver side script is messed up, but was likely done when qtr. was repaced by the former owner.

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