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2007 GT/CS Fuel Gauge

Whenever I fill the gas tank I get different readings in my fuel guage. For example after fill up, it'll say 300 miles to E, or 297 miles to E, or 295 miles to E, etc. Never the same number. What gives? Anyone else have this similar
problem or is this the way it is suppose to be.
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Welcome to the world of the GT/CS. They have their own minds and they will tell you how things will be from now on.

Telling you varying mileage amounts is it's way to get you to pay attention. No doubt, other electronics displays will have inconsistent information, which is another way of communicating with you----you'll see, just give it time.

You may wonder, is this like "Christine", "The CAR" or "My Mother The Car"?...well, no, but from now on, you'll always have this symbiosis with your GT/CS.

It now owns you.

Good thing you noticed this early on. Other '68 owners have been less lucky. Shooting cigarette lighters into the knee; wipers that work on their own; bouncing tach needles, etc.....and if you look closely at your '68 steering wheel, you'll see a smile (horn ring), eyes, (speed/tach gauges), and nose (pad center emblem). That was no, sir.

You are now "one with the Special"....Resistance is Futile!

Paul "pulling yer chain" N.

(actuallly, your fuel sensor is so sensitive, that a cup more-or-less than a "fill up" of gas would give you varying mileage numbers like that.)
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Thanks for the info. One more question, because I can use regular gas,
and being that gasoline quality is somewhat not up to par these days,
is it advisable to use Chevron Techron or similiar additive every once in a
while? Heard that the gas sensor may clog in time. Again, thanks for the
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As for the varying "Miles to empty", the car's computer calculates your last tank of fuel MPG, divides that number into the FULL quantity , and computes how many miles to Empty. That number is based on your last MPG.
Neil Hoppe
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...and I thought it was a metaphysical thing....

oh, well.

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