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Do you think I could sell 2K GT/CS Books?

I normally wouldn't ask this openly, but perhaps there is someone out there with a little more business sense than I. I see a real risk here, and would appreciate any input.

I have been doing some figuring, and it would cost me about $10-12K to print 2000 copies (in color), including the cost of the Ford licensing guarantee up- front money.

I plan on offering the book in hard cover, 200 pages, and hopefully most to all of it in color. It would include a DVD (of GT/CS cars, events, drag racing, and the '68 and '07 GT/CS Commercials), two registry decals, and the option of the under-hood plate (with authenticity proof via a Marti Report). The retail of this book would be close to $100 per copy.

I have a mailing list of about 900 people, of which about 500 are very active, and are probably here on this website.

I know that there is an enthusiastic "niche" market here at this website, and I do have my registry mailing list--but despite those with the passion to have a book(s), does this make sense? I know that many of you are hoping and excited for a book, but I have to consider sales beyond this (very) enthusiastic internet group--up to 2,000 copies (printing less is not economical).

Back in 1989, it took me about 6 years to sell 3200 copies. I need to sell the 2000 I propose in three years. The 1996 Edition took about five years to sell, and i ended up selling off many copies to Branda Perf. I would need to "pre-sell" at least 200 copies to make this effort worthwhile. $12K startup is not something I can afford to spend right now on what may seem like speculation.

I hate to admit it, but if this book project may not happen, if it's too much of an up-front financial burden for me (I have no interest in doing all this work for another publisher, because their payment for me to do it would be too low, and they may see the GT/CS owner/enthusiast market as too small to actually do a book like this).

thanks for any input,

Paul N.
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Well with the growing rate of '07 -'08 GT/CS buyers maybe you could sale some to dealers to go with the car or even educate a buyer on the history of the car. I am sure the dealer could sale them with the car. As far as the 500 active members and I hope I am one of them we can spread the good word on the book. Because having this book with your CS adds Value.
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John McGilvary
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IN talking your book up to my Mustang owner friends, it seems that even
though they don't have CS's, they are interested in your book. Selling them
does not look like a problem to me. But its your call.

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Personal opinion only---. The decals and under hood plate would only be of interest (and available) to the people with a CS. With a 200 page book and DVD, you're going to be competing with other coffee table books in the $25-$50 price range. If I was going to do it myself, I'd have two options-one with the decal and plate, maybe 750 copies and one without, and see if you could bring the price down to a more competitive level. If you need to make the larger quantity of plates and decals, I would offer them separately. People with multiple cars could have the option of buying a book and extra plates or worn/damaged ones could be replaced in the future, but I'd go the minimum quantity because authentic cars are not that many anymore. If the DVD is adding significantly to the cost, I'd drop it. Just my .02 worth.


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Printing costs- How can you get this done for less than the current $ number? If this is the absolute driving issue, maybe scale back on the goodies, even if some of the book is in b/w. And as others have suggested, offer the other goodies to the hard-core fan base (us). Or find a cheaper way to publish.

Thinking way outside the box- Just offer the book in digital form (in PDF) and let folks print their own. I'm sure there are ways to lock down licensing on downloads. Can Kinko's do binding?

Another thing to consider is the timeliness of this- the '07 and '08s are here NOW. If you are going to get this out there, it's got to get out soon.

Come up with a plan A, B, C etc.

my .02 cents ;-)


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I would think that outside of the GT/CS community, perhaps the Mustang (MCA) judging community and maybe the Shelby community may have some interest in this book if it were introduced to them ... If Ford is still capitalizing on the new CS, and if your book has info on the new CS, perhaps Ford maybe interested also (to offer and sell in the dealerships' stores) ...

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I think there would be a limited market for the "Deluxe" version at $100. I would buy a couple and I'm sure there are others that would, as well. But you'd probably have a hard time selling 2000. Could you offer a limited number of this version as well as a less expensive version?


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selling two thousand books

If you look at the price of your original books on ebay. The interest in the original CS's and the amount of interest generated by the new CS's that you stated would be included in the book. I am sure you would. I know that many people to include myself would definetly preorder a book to help with the start up cost. I know it is somewhat of a niche market but using Mustange Monthly and other media outlets to "float" this idea of yours will surely generate a lot of interest. Good luck with this endeavor and count me in. I purchased at GT/CS in 1990 spent 4 years restoring it, sold it and bought a 69 Shelby. Although I have had a 55 Thunderbird, a 2000 Corvette and still have the Shelby. The GT/CS was the only car I have ever regretted selling. So I purchased a red GT/CS from San Bernidino, that has been sitting since 1983. I am currently restoring it and having a great time with it. I sure would like to get another copy of the book that I sold with the first GT/CS and I might pay the 150 or over on ebay to get it. I really think that you have done a great job in helping to promote this great car! thanks, Chris Kremer
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Some additional thoughts-

As a comparison, perhaps get sales data from Casey about how many license plate frames he's sold. I know it's not apples to apples, but it may give a sense of how many people might also be interested in spending $ on the book.

Also, put up a simple poll here and see what kind of results you get. It may ease (or not) some of your concerns about selling 2000 books.

Another thing to think about is perhaps just focusing on your core enthusiasts and not the casual Mustang fan. (again, mostly the folks on this site?) and put another poll out asking "how much would you be willing to pay (give a range)for features A?, A and B?, A,B, and C?, etc."


Jeff Miller-
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The poll might be helpful to get a feel for where those of us on the site are at.

I know I would be in for 2-3 copies myself.

The option of basic book and extras is definitely something to consider.
Like a few people said, Mustang enthusiasts without a CS would not be interested in those but would probably be interested in the book.

Maybe the extras would be good to do as a "package" or "upgrade" for those that want it .. .of course I know you need to calculate a break even/profit point on that too.

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I think we could easily come up with a preorder for 200 books. That would be $20,000 to cover the printing costs.
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As you know, many of us are dying to get our hands on this book. It seems like it has been a long time coming. I, for one, like the goodies and look forward to having them attached or stuck on my car to show the car belongs to the registry. However, in my opinion, it would be very difficult to judge how many books you will sell. It is still very difficult for me to understand how quickly they sell on ebay. I think you decide what you want to do and just do it. The members of this site will be happy with whatever you print to link us together. As for the goodies, you can always offer those up as a separte item and see what the interest is.

Good luck.


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First question is,
1.This for profit or the car hobby?.Chances are you wont profit from it because the GT/CS doesnt have a big following.Even Saleen books are still sitting on shelves and hes bigger than the GT/CS.From a business stand point its not worth it,even though I would buy a book.If its for the hobby and you can afford that hit upfront do it.
2.What do really get out of it?How will this book benefit you?Will you make a killing on each book or just a few bucks?Keep in mind storing the books carrying them, shipping them,thats alot of work.Unless you love writing books and its a passion I wouldnt do it.

Im not discouraging you.I actually opened my business because People said I couldnt do it.Here I am 2 years later and getting bigger and detailing cars you never see or heard of.

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Even Saleen books are still sitting on shelves and hes bigger than the GT/CS

You seem to be neglecting, ignoring, or completely minimizing the '68 GT/CS, and '66-'68 HCS owners. IMHO more '68 owners and enthusiasts will buy the book than '07 owners and enthusiasts.

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