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How many were GT's

How many California Specials received the GT option from the factory? I know Kevin Marti can tell us. Has this question been asked before or does anyone want to guess.

I was thinking less than 10%, under 400.

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I remember a note (I believe from Paul N.) sometime ago that based on statistical observations that 9-11% of the CS's had the GT option. so your 10% sounds right.

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I would guess that it's 2 to 3%. Probably 80-100. My number crunching is based on there being a little less than 2% (4,766 out of 249,456) of all 1968 hardtops having the GT option.

I wonder if we could get this piece of data from Kevin Marti?...without it costing a small fortune ;-)

Paul, This would be a good piece of info for the new book.


Jeff Miller-
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I hate to taunt you all with this, but we DO have the exact numbers, from Kevin Marti. We have GT numbers for the GT/CS, AND the HCS, separarely.

For the GT/CS, 10-15% is close. More like 8% for the HCS, since they, overall, got less options.

The book will have it all in great detail.

Paul N.
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Since you mention the book...How's it coming along? Any ETA? By Xmas?

Jeff Miller-
1968 Tahoe Turquoise GT/CS
2007 Black GT/CS Coupe
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Have you driven a California Special lately?

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Originally Posted by miller511
Since you mention the book...How's it coming along? Any ETA? By Xmas?

I was just thinking the same question.
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A GT/CS Recognition Guide Update:

There's a lot going on right now, but I'll give you a peek....

1. We obtained some terrific information from Kevin Marti (Marti Autoworks). This includes specific numbers of items for the GT/CS and the HCS. Such as: DSOs, Colors, Engine-Trans, interiors, etc., etc.. I think you'll be amazed at what you'll see, and discover just how rare your GT/CS or HCS really is!

2. I have acculimated over 1500 photos (20 years worth), all converted to Photo CDs.

3. There are some new folks to interview, such as a worker at A.O. Smith, and a few from the Milpitas Ford plant. I also have a contact that was there when they raced the '68 Trans Am cars, that "temporarily" used the GT/CS spoilers.

4. Every word of both books (1989, 1996) had been transcribed to disc for the new book. The entire amount of material (about 80,000 words) will need to be edited by myself. It's looking like 200 pages, hardbound, with some pages in color.

5. New features include: CS-specific electrical items restored, Vintage/Shelby performance parts, and San Jose (Milpitas) Plant specific concours guidelines. Concours restoration will be shown in great detail--with easy to follow procedures for the hobbyist. The "L'il Red", and the "Green Hornet" histories will be included. Also--a section on the 2007/2008 GT/CS, with production history and numbers.

6. Charts, graphs, flow chart, and cross-referenced production information.

7. Registry: Every form is being organized by hand, determined by VIN. Newer forms will be clipped to the old forms, to identify new owners, new info, photo CDs, Marti reports, letters, notes, etc. This has become a VERY tedious project, outside of just doing the book.

8. Other items being put together for production (pending legal-trademark & copyright approval), are GT/CS Decals, HCS Decals, 40th Anniversary Decals, Under-hood identifier plaques, deluxe key fobs, and possibly t-shirts.

9. I am aiming at spring '07 release for the book and most of the above. This should coincide with the Knott's Berry Farm FORD show.

10. A promotional information sheet, with a few survey questions is being put together right now, and mailed sometime in November. We are currently finishing up the 1200 name list. I will accept pre-orders for the book at that time (with numbered copy priority). This will be done ONLY by mail, and not through the internet (i.e. this site). This is because many owners do not go on the 'net, and I wish to give equal opportunity to order a preferred, early numbered and signed copy. I will offer the decals (and maybe something else (secret)) that can be sent out right away.

I hope that you understand that if I can't answer your questions or private messages here, it's because I'm 'buried" here in my work. This is my primary project right now, sometimes requiring 12-hour days and weekends, too.

Thanks so much for your support and interest!

Paul M. Newitt
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Bring it on

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Talk about dangling that carrot huh?

Now the anticipation is even greater!

Looking forward to it Paul!

Curious to know how many of us will purchase multiple copies? I know I will.


1968 Acapulco Blue GT/CS 289 * 1996 Red GT Convertible *
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Thanks, Guys!

This is a HUGE project for me, because I want to get this marque of Mustang finally "on the map". If Ford sees it as legit enough to produce for the '07/'08 model years, then it the story, and recognition needs to be told--in great detail.

I also wish to recipricate to all of you that have supported me for so long. Your hearts are in this car, and so, it deserves respect--through publishing.

Paul N.
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