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Hi and a couple noob questions

Hi to all...great board. I've learned a lot about the California Special in a very short time here. Thanks!

I'm going to look at a California Special this weekend, and I have a few questions.

First, I want to verify that it is, in fact, a genuine California Special. I want to get a Vin report to verify this, but I'm wondering if that's possible to do before I go to look at the car on Saturday. How long does it usually take to get the basic report once it's ordered?

Also, how do I identify whether or not this car has the "deluxe" interior? What are the distinguishing characteristics of a deluxe interior?

The car is reportedly "rust free", in excellent working order with all original equipment. Owner says all numbers match. Outside of verifying all of this, what know problem areas should I be looking for?

Thanks in advance from a noob and hopefully a future CS owner.

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Re:Hi and a couple noob questions

:) Hey Newbie!! lol....just kidding! And no, no initiation ceremony or anything, just a welcome from the rest of us " old timers" lol.

Let me see if I can help you with your questions. If you have a fax machine, and call Marti Autoworks directly, then can usually get the report to you within a few hours. Just tell them you want a rush job (it does cost a few dollars extra) and they usually get right to it. THe last report I got from Marti cost $17 plus the few dollars (five I think) for the quick return. Thats the best and fastest way to do it.

The deluxe interior for 1968 included the wood grain dash inserts, deluxe wood grain door panels with larger arm rests and pull straps, a wood rimmed steering wheel, and grills that run along the bottom of the door, protecting courtesy lights and door speakers. I will have to tell you that for the GT/CS's, deluxe interiors are pretty rare, so if its genuine, its great!

Numbers matching is an interesting subject. I don't think that the Mustang community has gotten to the point where it matters a whole lot, as long as the engine matches the engine code for the vehicle. I will probably get a lot of disagreement from the board (love these guys anyway!) but we aren't like the Corvette crowd. Check the resources page on this site for more information. If you have any other questions, just ask! Good luck on your purchase!!!

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Re:Hi and a couple noob questions

I believe the deluxe interior also included side by side pins (Medallions) in the seat upholstry, both front and back, around the area your back would rest when sitting. As Racer says, it is a pretty rare option.

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Re:Hi and a couple noob questions

You really need to be concerned with rust, even though the owner claims it's rust free, I've never seen a Stang other than a trailer queen that is truely "rust free".
Ask the owner how the cowls are, and if he will let you pour some water down them and see if water leaks inside the car. Take along a body filler magnet and run it over the entire body. Look at the underbody, look for evidence of patch work in the floor panels. Look at the body panels, are they straight? How do the seams line up. Ask the owner straight out, what needs to be fixed? What were you going to fix on it next if you were not selling it? It's interesting what a seller will tell you if you ask the right questions.
Know what GT/CS parts should be on it, make sure they are ALL there, if not ask why? Original parts are very expensive to replace.
Good luck!
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Re:Hi and a couple noob questions


Good call on the numbers matching thing, my gt/cs is the first old ford I've owned that had numbers on the block and trans, although I haven't pulled apart every one, I don't recall seeing or being real concerned about the numbers.

On the back of the eng block behind the intake and on the top of the trans of my car, the consecutive number of my vin is stamped. I haven't checked the rear end but I'm confident it is the same one that was there in 68.

btw, my car has the deluxe interior and it really is a nice option to have on your car.

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Re:Hi and a couple noob questions

To check for rust, don't just pour water in the cowl, get underneath the dash with a flash light and look for rust. Also get underneath the car and look in the floor pans. Also bring a screwdriver with you and bang on the carpet. Especially underneath the cowl. If the screwdriver goes through, it is rusty. Do this when the owner isn't looking, some people are funny about stuff like that :). Also look in the trunk to see if the quarter is rusty. Feel to the bottom of it. If you have any questions, just ask.
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Re:Hi and a couple noob questions

You can also check the trunk lid, to verify it hasn't been replaced, or if it is original. The GT/CS were fiberglass trunks, and the surface should be slightly rough underneath. Also, check the tail lights, look behind and make sure that is original, they say it is one of the rarest pieces to find!

Goodluck on your find,
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