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terrorist attach

Let's hope and pray that nothing happens here like the attach that happened in London. 9/11 is and was enough.
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Re:terrorist attach

I heard that. These bastards are trying very hard to shake the resolve of any of our allies. I have been in combat with british soldiers. It won't work. They are tenatious and so is the average british citizen.

Now as far as the rest of Europe...MY OPINION is that every member of the G8 should look at this and realize that this is not a terrorist attack on an allie of the US for supporting the war on terror. It is an attack on every freedom-loving person in the world, especially Europe. If my country is a member of the G8 and I stand to prosper from being included as a part of it, my country needs to stand up and be counted when one of it's members are hit like this.

The war on terror is world wide and has been even before 9-11.

And don't even get me started about France. Hell, they probably did it in retaliation jealousy for not getting the olympics!! I can't stand the French. I don't apologize for it, either. I trained with them when I was stationed in Germany. Whinners! They were also around during the Gulf war bitching and nagging the whole time. They really get under my skin. We saved them so many times and when we need them...nothing. I guess the Statue of Liberty is enough in their eyes.

You know who our best ally besides Great Britain is? The Pol's. They have some bad-ass troops with good leadership that understands and carries out the mission and never bitches. Put's themselves right out there on the tough jobs, too. Good dudes, every one of them.

Anyway, keep a prayer in your heart for these people in London. They are more like us than you may realize.
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Re:terrorist attack

Very well said. I couldn't agree with you more.

Don ;)
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Re:terrorist attack

Here is an article concerning this subject.
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