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Fake GT/CS

Check this ebay item out;category=6236

I e-mailed the guy and let him know he was selling a 67 mustang that had the incorrect grill and fog lights. He is also missing the front marker lights. Like on a 67. I told them that he should include this in his auction to be as honest as possible with his bidders and he responded with this:

i am honest.
it is a california special the title reads 68.clones arent always perfect in matching the original
if your not interested in it, mind your own bussiness
but i guess you think everyone is not as smart as you think you are.
good day

what a jerk huh? It made me pretty upset. oh well.
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Re:Fake GT/CS

The word "clone" in the dictionary means "genietically identical". This thing doesn't even come close.
He should advertise it as a "mustang with a few CS parts on it".
A real slap in the face to real calspec owners!
I think I'll send him an e mail and tell him so.
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Re:Fake GT/CS

It's more likely that it's a '68 than a '67, so what he's saying in the ad is probably technically correct. It has a '68 VIN, '68 interior and '68 rear reflectors. The front fenders (missing lights) may have been a repair item at a later date.

If he was offering it as a real GT/CS I'd have a real problem with it, but since he's calling it a clone it doesn't seem like he's trying to pull a fast one. Notice he states it has certain GT/CS parts but specifically doesn't mention the incorrect grille or fogs or hood locks.

It's not how I would personally represent the car, but I don't really see how it hurts true GT/CS's. Just my $.02.
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Re:Fake GT/CS

I admire everyone's bravado, but I agree with Jon. I think he's made it pretty clear in the ad that the car isn't a real GT/CS. However, don't be afraid to call a spade a spade when someone is trying to fool you! That's what this community is here for -- correct information!

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Re:Fake GT/CS

I would think it was ok if he didn't keep the auction private. He doesn't want information from outside sources to get to his bidders. I think that this shows he is pretty sneaky.
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Re:Fake GT/CS

I was taken once by a guy who listed something as NOS, but when I received the part, it was pitted and in aweful condition. Of course his reply was, "you should have emailed". Perhaps I am very nieve, but Ebay has many people who would sell their grandmother for a buck - as evidenced by their unscrupulous "business" practices. HOWEVER, I also feel there are many who stand behind their goods and their word and I would do Ebay an injustice not to mention that.

All in all, I have been taken for $60 on Ebay, but all other items I bought have been very good. Just pays to be careful - I RE-learned that the expensive way. ::)

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Re:Fake GT/CS

If I sounded a little harsh in my last message, it is because I have been stung by someones clone.
About 15 years ago, a gentleman brought his 69 Lemans into my shop for restoration. He wanted it made into a "Judge". I had no problem with it, especially since the guy was paying in cash.
About 8 months later i was summoned to court and sucked into this huge legal battle.
The owner I restored the car for sold it as a Judge clone, but neglected to tell the new owner that it was not a real GTO. The body shop was implicated as an accomplis to creating a forgery.
Lucky for me , the original owner got me off the hook by telling the court it was all his idea and the shop was just following his orders as a customer.
Our shop will no longer create clones for any reason.
So lets call a spade a spade!
It's a Lemans with Judge parts on it!
And this guy has a Mustang with GT/CS parts on it!
The word "clone" has no business in any automotive lingo.
I think all classic car owners everywhere should be more vigelent to clone making. If it's a CS, a Mach 1, or a SS Chevy. Clones pollute the purity of that type of vehicle and erodes it's value.
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Re:Fake GT/CS

Here's another GT/CS for sale on ebay

May be a legitimate "S" code Special, but has wrong hood (no twist locks) and in the picture with the hood open, there are no hood pin retainers. Also has what looks like aftermarket fog lamps on it. May be a legit, but I've been seeing a lot of fakes for sale lately, so I am naturally sceptical. btw not in registry, but that doesn't make it a fake. Anyone else check this one out?
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