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I have a Theory about GT/CS production..

As I've been getting copies of the Marti reports with GT/CS Registrations, I am noticing most cars "actually built "X" days after (or before) the production date stamped on the door tag.

I've been told that when they would build the Mustangs at the San Jose plant, that there would be a "GT/CS Assembly Day" at the factory about once a week or so. Seeing these Marti Reports makes me wonder if this was true.

I'm wondering if they would group cars by the CS option (??), regardless of the date the frame (unibody) was bucked. As if the CS option changed the actual production date.

This is something I bet Kevin Marti would know...with just a few keystrokes. (???)

Paul N.

p.s. thanks to everyone who has sent in registrations! (and the very cool photos (some on CD, too--which makes it easier for me!))
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Re:I have a Theory about GT/CS production..

Paul, I dont know if this helps your theory, but from the info I sent you on my GT/CS I always wondered why my body tag AND the build sheet (which I sent you a copy of) both showed a scheduled build date of Feb 15, and then the Marti report said it was built Feb 21. I always wondered if they took normal 68 coupes that were scheduled to be built, and then batched a few together for the GT/CS option which caused a few day delay to meet the new GT/CS mid year dealer orders (which at this time were high - per your book). So, this would seem to match your theory. I dont know if Kevin would know this? or if the people you interviewed in the factory might know? I would like to know in order to explain my build sheet. Casey
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Re:I have a Theory about GT/CS production..

From the posts I've been reading about Kevin Marti I'm sure he would help find this information.....for more money.

Sorry, that was harsh, but the last few posts about him have not been pleasant.
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Re:I have a Theory about GT/CS production..

I think you are right that the San Jose plant scheduled days to assemble GT/CS cars, but I don't have any proof of this. It would be unreasonable to assemble a regular coupe, then a CS and then another regular just doesn't make good sense. I have found some interesting things as a result of verifying two of my cars, though.

My GT/CS, VIN: 8R01C142393, was scheduled to be built on Feb 15, yet was built on Feb 14. It came with pillar pads, front and rear lower bumperettes and the recessed rear quarter reflectors.

My GT, VIN: 8R01J138578, was scheduled to be built on Feb 7, yet was built on Feb 20, nearly two week behind the scheduled build date. This car does not have the pillar pads, but has the lower bumperettes and the "Cougar style" rear quarter reflectors. The VIN on the GT is nearly 4000 digits lower than my GT/CS, yet it has "later" equipment, and it was built later.

My theory is that Ford had a rush to produce the GT/CS cars, and many other cars were put on the "back burner" until the GT/CS committment was met. Like I said, no proof here, just my hypothesis.

Also, Ford had three type of orders, and these can be found on the Marti report just above the DSO Item #. Identifying a car's order type determined who ordered the car and may help answer the question of specific assembly days for the GT/CS The different order types are:

1) Basic - This is where Ford designs the car, builds it and makes the car available to its dealers. My GT/CS is this is the type of order. I would guess that many of the early GT/CS cars were a "basic" order.

2) Stock - This is where the dealer orders and designs the options on the car. The dealer determines a need for a particular car, and then places the order. My GT is a stock order.

3) Retail - This is where a customer orders and designs the options on the car. The customer places a down payment, the dealer orders the car and the car is built to the customer's specifications. My second GT/CS (the "project" car) was a retail order from McCoy Mills Ford in Fullerton, CA.

My belief is that in February '68, the San Jose plant had many "Basic" orders for the GT/CS cars and these orders took precedence over the "Retail" and "Stock" orders. If there was a way to determine how many "Basic" orders were made on GT/CS cars, I think one could determine if particular "days" were set aside for GT/CS production, at least in February. I think that later in production, cars were ordered using "retail" and "stock" type orders, so determining specific days may be more difficult.

Just my thoughts,
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Re:I have a Theory about GT/CS production..

Hey Russ,
My GT/CS was ordered "stock" as per the Marti report. It was scheduled for build 05/28/68 and actually built 05/15/68. It was sold 01/20/69. My vin# is 8R01T162217. It was probably not sold till 1969 because it was ordered and designed by the dealer"stock"versus "retail" where a customer would have bought it right after its release. It coincides with what you are saying about the 3 different types of orders. Maybe this info will help you. :)Rhonda
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